Thursday, July 12, 2007

When I get an idea, I really get one

Date Flight Routing Details
Thu Jul 19 2743 Depart Oklahoma City(OKC) at 07:20 AM
Arrive in Phoenix(PHX) at 07:35 AM
1687 Change planes in Phoenix(PHX) departing at 09:50 AM
Arrive in San Diego(SAN) at 11:05 AM
Sat Jul 21 1554 Depart San Diego(SAN) at 11:50 AM
Arrive in Las Vegas(LAS) at 01:05 PM
57 Change planes in Las Vegas(LAS) departing at 02:20 PM
Arrive in Oklahoma City(OKC) at 06:55 PM
This is an itinerary only and is not considered a receipt.

Next week Mom and Dad are going to Lousiana-it's raining here and my camping trip is going to be rained out (flooding will take river awhile to get down to manageable.).

So, I took the opportunity to book a trip to Tijuana for lap band surgery. If I survive the surgery I will spend a night or so in a nice Mariott hotel, and fly back via Las Vegas.

Take THAT for a midlife crisis!

(all mention of research, soul searching and years of planning have been omitted for the sake of a good, short blog entry).

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