Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Mom found my missing water faucet on the front of the house. I expected it to show up when I had the people clean out the front flower bed but no one could find it. Mom can be a snoop-but when the chips are down, if there is something to find, she'll find it!

Today Daddy and I are taking Uncle John to Circuit City. That's an activity the three of us can all get behind-we really like CC. And it will be good for me to get out a bit and move around.

The couple that came to clean the flowerbed also own an embroidery business-I would need embroidered work shirts if I were to start a service business myself (dog visitor, etc. My life continues to work with a synergy that is almost scary. AND they need help with their graphics. So maybe it's their lives that are synergistic.

Anyway, the flowerbeds look outstanding and I am thrilled.

A nice health food place ordered my FAGE yogurt for me. I love that stuff. And since yogurt is one of the few things I can eat over the next week or so, I got two cases. I will share, of course. The world needs to know about this stuff.

I've turned a corner and am now interested in working with the resources I have. Reading posts previous I went through a lot of phases-the Compact, The Scotty, the Dog Cart....some of which still haven't born fruit and some that are already gone-like my dear Scotty.

But Scotty did its job-it served as a catalyst to get me thinking about what I really wanted. I mean what I, me, DEB really wants, not what I think I should want.

Apparently I want to be healthy, active and live in Oklahoma. 20 years ago I wanted to be slim, sought after by countless men, have a blazing career and live in a cool apartment with a pool and drive a fast car. Frankly, that still doesn't sound half bad-until you add up the things you have to do to get there.

Ok, yes, yes yes. I'll admit. Angst ridden as I am, and carry on as I do, I am not nearly as big a basket case as I was in my 20's. Now that's progress!

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