Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mmmmm mmmmm good!

Mom and I had both been thinking the same thing-that my foot might not get better this time. But the rest from the lap band, and the already reduced weight has made a huge difference.

We kind of have a no man's land-my house. My yard is fair game for anyone-Mom mows and gardens with a lot of enthusiasm and Daddy spends quite a bit of time in the shed putting tools together. Daddy and I bought a chainsaw together and we are going to demolish trees in August, before Big Trash Day. Yes, my parents have learned the joy of Big Trash Day.

And, for my first non-protein drink thing I asked for some of mom's yogurt dip (fat free, sugar free, perfectly healthy). I ate about a quarter of a cup with a spoon. She's going to make me some more tomorrow. Yum!

We talked about how the band was going to change things because she loves to cook and concoct-but I laughed and said "It'll be great-I can eat your scraps!"

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