Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HAW-ALONE ALONE!!!!! I don't like it

The woman left for four days.  She left plenty off food and water, but I did not like it at all.  When she came home, she was tired.  She played, then let me out of my cage and walked down the hall and you know what she DID?  She layed on the big square and fell asleep.  SLEEP.

I played for a bit, then I flew down and made a little nest on the cloth next to her head and I fell asleep too.
She wraps herself up in that cloth sometimes.  I LIKE playing with the cloth and then I noticed something-she has cloth wrapped around her whole BODY.

She pulled up the covering on her legs and there was skin underneath.  THAT's how she changes her coverings every day-they are not attached and she has no feathers.

I also noticed that her hands are not up around her face like I thought they were.  They are on these long stems she called arms-and they go down to her legs.  But she can wiggle her hands when they are down there.....AAAAGH.  I never noticed that before.  She's really built FUNNY-it's a wonder she gets around at all.  Flying is out of the question for her-poor thing.  I thought she was just lazy, but she can't fly!.

She wears rigid coverings on her feet-but they are flat and don't bend at all.  Completely useless for hanging on to a perch.  No wonder she doesn't climb.

Poor woman, she is put together really oddly.

HAW!!!!  I hope you guys can fly and perch!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KMAT-Pointless SH**

I can never decide whether I get more done with a schedule or a plan-less protocol.   My schedule's are usually over planned and daunting, my plan less days are so scattered it's hard to see any progress, although I'm usually busier on those days and spend less time avoiding.

Today a schedule seems to fall in the category of pointless shit.  In fact, I could go as far as to say I'm annoyed at the very suggestion that I might want to plan something or another.  Tomorrow, it may well seem like the second coming of something good-but for today, it can KMA.

Isn't it strange how something can be worthy of an ass kiss one day and a great idea the next day?  What may even be stranger is that I LIKE it that it is a variable factor.  Does that make me less disciplined or MORE flexible?  Oh KMA silly labels-labels are definitely pointless shit.  But even that rule is not without exception-file folders, dog food canisters all of those fall in the good use of labels category.

Cabbage eating bugs can kiss my ass and die.  Yes, one of the things I'm definitely going to do today, though it won't be on any list (because lists are in the KMA category today), will be to sevin dust the crap out of my cabbage plants.  Or spray.  Whatever I grab first will be the method of delivery of the poison.  KMAAD to you cabbage eating bugs.  List or no, you die today.

I've just spent 4 days on the road with my parents.  KMA regular meal times.  Yes, I know it's good for them to have structure, and by golly, for them I do it, even though my head wants to explode.  Invariably, at one meal we have to discuss when and where the next one will occur.  They need the structure, the planning, and for them I will comply.  But oh for shit's sake!   I'm giving myself a break today and indulging in liquid protein shakes for the day-just to have a respite from thinking about food.

It's kind of weird, because I still journal and analyze my food quite a bit-but I know people who plan their menus a week in advance-and FOLLOW them.  HOLY HELL.  Even my own mother only works out a couple of days in advance.  I want to puke just thinking about planning a week's worth of "menus".  Kiss my ass control freaks and stay the hell away from me.  Scarily anal people in general can kiss my ass.

I do have my anal areas too, but I try not to be blatant about them.  For one thing, it gives someone who's having an ornery day ample ammo.

Oliver the parrot has flown over to the couch to add his own personal KMA-he says, and I quote, "KMA people who leave town.  BAD BAD BAD."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working on Borrowed Internet

Starbucks Venti Latte-Life is GOOD

I hitched a ride on an open network from the motel next door since I forgot (as in don't even know if I have one) my modem cord.  SLOOOOOOOW is the operative word, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

I love love love writing in motel rooms.  One of my fantasies is to go to Las Vegas for a week and complete a short novel while I'm there.   The non-stop buzz of Vegas just seems to beg one to get caffeinated up and write and walk around and then write some more.

I've also got time share weeks in Vegas-but I think I'd want to stay at Harrah's rather than the condo.  Harrah's is so tacky, it inspires me to new heights of tacky thoughts.

Right now I'm in Bossier City Louisiana with Mom and Dad.  We've had breakfast and have gone to Walmart and bought MP3 players-Daddy wants to branch out from his Ipod.  On the way here, I found awesome gourds and bought two of them for bird houses.

I have pictures of them nestled in the hotel bed like little birds-but that is one cable I left behind, so that will have to wait.

Daddy has finally reached the stage where he's admitted he can't walk as far as he used to.  I know from personal experience you end up actually being able to do more when you acknowledge certain limitations.  I'm proud of Daddy-my tibia fell off my ankle before I admitted I had a problem.  I'm stubborn that way.

I love my Starbuck's locator on my Tom Tom.  I'm sitting here with my Venti Skinny Latte right now-and I know that another one is only 375 yards away.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 13-over used phrases and metaphors that annoy me

1. ______ is the new black.

2. A new paradigm

3. My ________ journey

4. Think out of the box

5. "And how did that work for you"-when you really mean to say "well, dumbass, what did you expect?"
6. "Cool", when you really mean "I have no idea what to say so I'm going to make a noise now."

7. Can't give ______ the time it deserves.

8. I'm addicted to _____________(something you enjoy.  Shit, just say you enjoy it-OWN your enjoyment....don't attribute it to helplessness....this really really annoys me).

9. Full blooded ___________

10.  Nothing I could do....

11.  My never use this to describe anything unless it's blatantly BIG-women on the other hand, modify everything with little ALL the fucking time.

12.  FUCK-yeah, I have to call myself out on that one.

13. Well.......I used to think this was an Okie thing, to start every sentence with WELL, but it's quite common and annoying as all get out.  I can forgive the spoken word, but when writing, WELL, that's just redundant. If you put a period at the end of your last sentence, or if it's your first sentence, I bloody WELL know that you are now speaking.  Why on EARTH do you need a filler word when you haven't even said anything yet?  As for later on, we have neat things called paragraphs and punctuation that allow a person to understand the same thing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


That makes me laugh, to say Mr. APPLE-yes yes yes, me me me, Mister Apple-Bird!  HAW HAW HAW!

The woman said to me the other day "This might be your last outdoor shower for awhile"....WHAT?  What what WHAT?  Has she lost her MIND, huh?

Quiet quiet QUIET.  I have something to say.  HAW, I always have something to say.

I 've been working on my dance moves lately-I'm getting pretty good.  Yes yes yes, I'm a dancin dancin bird.  And oh yes yes yes-I can fly fly fly and my landing is getting really good.  I'm learning to hover and then plop!  That's so much better than crash and burn!  HAW!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all hover more than you crash-Happy Animal Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Oh, Kiss My Ass Lifetime Network.  I was so excited, Lifetime had a movie about Georgia Okeeffe  with some pretty decent actors/actresses.  The script was total drivel, extremely one sided, putting Georgia up on a saintly and chaste pedestal as she endured her long marriage to controlling and unfaithful Alfred Stieglitz.  The only thing (according to the movie) Georgia did was pose nude for her husband....who exploited her by displaying the photographs.

This was a woman who painted giant, vaginal flowers, and to desex her in such a manner seems particularly vile.  It made me realize how far we still have to go.  Kiss My ASS Sexism.  We can portray teenage girl/vampire sex in prime time, but heaven forbid we should portray a complex relationship that included many folks, not just a sordid and sad triangle?  That's fucked up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

WOW, I don't mind Monday today....

Miracles do happen-and this one is occurring even as we speak.  Talk about blogging in real time!  I woke up eager to practice some things I learned at the seminar this weekend, and I did just that.  By the time I was finished, I was firmly established and committed to having a good day, THIS day, on, gasp, MONDAY.

For those of you who read this blog, you will understand how significant this is.  For those just passing by, on a personal level, the global equivalent of this event might be a comet if it's transient, or a feel good song gone viral (think We are the World).  Either way, it's amazing and fun.

I'm still playing and processing and examining the nuances of my great insights-so I don't want to throw them out on a page.  But I DO want to give a public nod to the people who helped make this miracle possible.

Brenda Aloff,  Full Circle Obedience School,  Twister Agility ,  New Leash on Life.

The animals who make this miracle possible you already know.

I wish everyone a great Monday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm OK-At Dog Seminar for 2 days

I didn't want to leave a gloomy post and then be gone-I'm going to a dog body language seminar.
I'm ok and I do appreciate all the kind words.

Med change over is going smoothly-and I got to test out a theory I've long held-and I was RIGHT.  Maybe not right for the rest of the world, but right for me-and I saved myself the dreary DIP and Ramp up period.

I'll post more on that later-it's kind of interesting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bye Little GloWorm

My little pal GloWorm died.  Green Tree Pythons are fragile creatures, subject to stomach and intestinal prolapse.  He was fine when I checked him, dead when I checked him next.  Knowing that's how it goes sometimes doesn't help much.

Glo took forever to turn green-he was the eternal youngster.  He had just started to turn blue-a highly sought after trait, and still somewhat to get one on your first pick of a yellow hatchling is like grabbing the brass ring.

That he was so special and rare makes his passing that much harder to take, but it's nothing like the mind numbing shock of losing a whole colony.  However,  I thought he was special and rare before he started to turn blue-he was an amazing little snake.

When  I get back from vacation I've decided to cool the ball pythons and see what happens.  Not Domino-she's too young.  But Lucy and Ethel are ready now, and poor Godfather has been ready for the longest time.  I'll be doing a cross that hasn't been done very much-so it will be interesting to see the resulting offspring.  I've decided to breed both sisters to the same male, to get a better chance of seeing if anything that crops up is genetic or a random fluke.

It's a choice that means sacrificing sure fire financial gain (Lucy and Ethel are Clowns, a desirable but recessive trait) for the unknown.  If I put them with a Clown male, I'd have a pile of little moneymakers, but I'd be a year behind on discovering anything new.  On to discovery I say!

Glo did a lot for me, but the biggest thing he did was he renewed my interest in taking a chance.  I really love him for that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 13-A rare double feature of lists

Just organizing thoughts.  This is for my upcoming vacation. 

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. See my blog friends-#1-even above the GW-you should be honored...LOL.

2. See a Great White Shark

3. Peabody Essex Museum and Salem Witch Museum (Thursday 8th)

4. Art-Ick with the plane thing I'm going to have to plan a little.

5. Writing

6. Photography

7. Ride a bike

8. Stick my toes in the ocean, even for just a little while.

9.  Do something with a boat.  The GW Shark/cool ocean makes me pause at the thought of a Kayak.

10. Dig up a clam.

11. Run around in my vacation PJ's-I need to get some-drinking coffee/tea.

12. Trader Joe's.  One visit, on trip to post office.  No more.  Really.  3 personal boxes, 1 box for California kin who will want cool regional Joe's stuff.

13.  Sleep late several times.

I really must sit down and have a talk with myself about luggage limits.  I could probably do another 13 on odd items I've flown across the country.

1. Lots of dirty laundry (UPS'd it to the office)
2. My dog Dottie (several times)
3. Work laptop (as checked luggage)
4.  A frozen turkey in a cooler
5. A frozen rack of ribs in my suitcase.
6. A platter (as a carry on)
7. Cartons of shopping my boss and I did in California once-we filled a Nissan SUV.
8. My dog Cody (once).
9. Snakes (UPS and Delta).
10. Horned Lizards (UPS)
11. Rattle snake rattles (US Postal)
12. A saddle
13.  A lime tree (carry on).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


HAW-I am currently very enamored of my shiny toy in my sleep cage.  I alternate days out in the rest of the house with days I refuse to budge-I must guard my shiny thing and whisper sweet nothings to it.  I do not trust the parakeets-they'd take it if they could......I KNOW IT.

The woman fussed at me a bit cause I clicked my beak and bit her a little.  Hmph-then she spent the entire day doing everything BUT coming to see if I was in a better mood yet.  Today I gave in and just let her know I was in a better mood.  I need to take sulky lessons from Emily Rabbit.

The trouble is, I start out sulking, and then I start to talk and then I crack myself up and I can't be sulky.

The woman put on the Redneck Road Tour on the square that Toddler Tunes usually comes on.  I love things where there is a lot of laughing and cheering.  I laughed and laughed for two days.  I like cheering too-lots of noise for me me me.

I was sulking in the back room when the President spoke last week-but I heard, and hollered every time the crowd did.  I bet people would listen to him better if he spoke with a lovely Parrot on his shoulder-I'd really like to have a nibble at those ears!

HAW-HAW-stay dry and watch your shiny things.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KMAT-Perceptions perceptions

It happened-possibly the worse thing (or the best thing-the jury is out) that can happen to a former bulemic, somewhat OCD, fairly depressed, scale obsessed person.  Worse than the batteries failing-which happens about once a year.  The scale was WRONG.

Not going into the whole sordid body image mess, because I'm still working through it.  But dammit to hell-if you can't depend on your scale, what CAN you depend on?  And, it was wrong to the good, which means it's now right to the bad.  Kiss My ASS.

Worse, logic (oh yeah, logic shows up at the worse times) stepped in before I could go into a full meltdown-because honestly, if I felt fine about me yesterday and the day before and the two weeks the scale was WRONG-I really couldn't allow myself a spiral into loathing because a number changed.  How annoying is THAT?  Kiss MY ASS!

We are talking about a 15 pound swing-which means my body perception is really screwed.  BUT, it does show improvement because there was a time when a one pound gain would have sent me scurrying for the ex lax.  Kiss my ass little piddly poundage problems.  Kiss my ass that I even cared about one pound-one lousy pound would ruin my day.

To determine what it meant in terms of graphs (I love graphs) I simply removed the wrong weight, and viola, at my current calorie consumption I lost a pound over several weeks, which in my world because I am NOT that amped up about a pound either way-is maintaining.  That's the good news.  The bad news is the damn number is 15 pounds over what I set.

So, here I am, happy, but not self righteous because I can't parade around declare myself "At goal".  I can feel the relief (sick relief) flooding my brain-I can diet again, as well as that stubborn logic saying-"what changed if you were happy yesterday?"  And, bloody hell, I'm still reasonably happy today.  Issues yes, but I feel exactly the same about my body today as I did yesterday.  Well, Kiss my Ass stupid scale.

AAAGH-another false perception.  I was not invisible yesterday either-at a weight that should have rendered me at least translucent.  Kiss My Ass.

I want to be clear about something.  I'm not so much pissed off at the scale, as I am staggering under the full weight of all those years of obsessing about something that clearly didn't matter.  It only mattered because I let it matter, because I thought it mattered, because it mattered to me.  Damn and Kiss my ass.

Perception is a powerful thing.  Not going to KMA to perception because it can be just as good as not.

Perspective is not the same thing.  My perspective when I step on the scale is pretty much the same-it's what I do AFTER the number hits that's up to me.  Wow.  Kiss my ASS Perspective, I can pick my own.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No sun till THURSDAY?

Yikes.  I turned most of the lights on in the house this morning, including the all powerful blue light box.  I did have two nice rain days of zen, relax, going with the flow, but DAMN.  A person can only relax so much.

However, most of the rain rain is gone, and what we have now is that lovely lovely soft mist.  So, I don't even have the luxury of feeling cross about it.  The mud gets my ire, not the mist.

It covered the bushes with fairy dust.  Soft, soft light enfolded me.  That is until a rather large red dog came clownishly crashing through the scene, knocking the fairy dust off the bushes and doing a graceful slide into the mud puddle I recently avoided.

I couldn't be cross with her either.  She was so very happy that all that water was still there-in fact, it might have increased over night.

Even in the dark, there is light if you know where to look or how to make it yourself.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weird and YUMMY

Long story-short-I didn't have enough hen fat to make decent gluten free matzo-like balls.  Light margarine kind of worked, but made them TOO bland.  I was going to salt them up with some capers and my eyes spied the anchovies-a fatty meaty flavorful thing.  Into the ball dough they went, then in to the soup.

Soup was just a cornish carcass, some left over hen meat, cabbage and onions.

It ended up working nicely the fish balls became my protein source and I'll give the hen to the dogs.  I don't like fowl mixed with anything else.  I did take a nibble of the hen to see if it grossed me out and it really didn't.  You could taste the chicken stock and the anchovies in the balls, and that was pretty good too, and the cabbage anchovy combo was odd, but pleasant.

Oh, Please Please Stay and General Randomness

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Great White Shark,

Please stay in Mass. waters till I can get there.  I really really would like to see you.
                                        Debra Kay

Wouldn't that be delicious irony-to see one on the "other" coast?  I have seen one, a little one, in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It was a fabulous little creature, and quite obviously a formidable predator even as a baby.  Still, it was clearly a baby and instead of great awe and reverence I was flooded with all these warm cosy feelings.

Yeah, size matters, but so do other things.

Diego's face is softer than his sister Frieda's, and even though Diego is twice as big as Frieda,  I think of him as "cute" and Frieda as a real predator.   I can't base this only on appearance, Diego is just really laid back and Frieda is a little fireball, she makes it clear she's a predator.

At a little over a year old, Diego is about the size of a yearling boa, nothing you would notice as particularly large.  A normal burmese python would be pushing 6 feet at the same age.  Frieda is even smaller.

Speaking of small, I baked a cornish hen today (Saturday) and gave Mr. Bird a leg bone.  It's been rainy today (Saturday) and very low key and poor Oliver was almost out of sorts because no one was moving or doing anything exciting.  But that all changed when he got his leg bone and then Jamie Oliver was the challenger on Iron Chef; Alton Brown kept saying "Chef Oliver".  Oliver got so beside himself with self importance that he actually spoke directly to me while I was in the room.

When that happens I try to respond but not freak out with joy or begin to stare at him-I want him to feel more comfortable with speaking, not less.  Right now he's dozing on his perch while I finish this up-then I'll carry him down the hall for his night night.  He loves to be "tucked in" and coo'd and cuddled to.  Sometimes in the morning he'll wake up saying whatever I said to him the night before.  It's a good reminder that words matter.

I gave Prissy a little dish of hen and potato, and gave the others some potatoes.  The carcass of the hen and the remaining meat are sitting in a pot ready to become the backdrop for some gluten free matzo ball soup. (Yes, it's going to be cool and rainy tomorrow).

All in all, a nice day, very fallish-although the A/C still kicks on.  Oklahoma Fall.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six word Saturday

Messing with my mind.
Could work.

Changing up one's brain chemistry can be tiresome yet fascinating.  Like anything else, it's all in how you look at it.  Unlike moving furniture, moving neuron receptors around means you might not be able to put them back if you don't like how it looks.

Isn't the brain amazing though?  All that sensation, creativity, movement and abstraction from a lump of meat which sits quietly and secretes chemicals.  Still waters run deep.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember the love, remember the valor

Today is one of those anniversary days-tales will be told and retold.  I don't want to hear them today.  Today I want to remember love and bravery, rather than pay homage to devastation and destruction.

Only by moving on will we move forward.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 13 Sounds I like

1. The peep peep of the 'keets as they settle in for the night.

2. Oliver's wolf howl announcing that he is awake, therefore it must be time to wake up.

3. The sound of water boiling in a kettle-such promise!

4. Casper's nicker-his quiet "ahem, you are paying attention to someone other than myself " noise.

5. The rumble of the heater coming on-it says "I'm working, I'm gonna warm you up now...."

6. The woosh of the breaking seal of a tin of biscuits-POP!

7. Dog nails on wood-clippity clippity clippity.

8. Hoofbeats on turf.  Goes right through me in a wonderful way.

9. Hissy pissy python hisses.  I KNOW it's not polite-but it makes me laugh and I can't help but like it.

10. Parakeet fussing noises.  I think it's probably a squawk, but the more outraged they get, the more I smile.

11. Cody's mustering of the troops to go out and pee.....could he BE any more of a little old grumpy man?

12. I like to hear insects buzz as long as they are not buzzing around my head or on me.

13. Clothes in a dryer-going round and round....ah, a comfort sound if there ever was one.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HAW-Trouble with the Hired Help

The woman has something called a cold.  Her voice sounds funny-kind of like she's talking and belching at the same time-scratchy scratchy.  I've been doing it too.......heh.  It's fun.

BUT, I can't be distracted today, NO NO NO.  I noticed something that has nagged and bothered me ever since I noticed it.  I have many perches and places in the house.  A big cage on the sunporch, my little sleeper cage, my perch and another, smaller cage.  I like to fly around from place to place and make sure no one else has bothered my stuff.  Yes yes yes!  Mr. Birdy, Birdy, Bird has...oh wait.

The parakeet's cage is bigger than mine I think, and HIGHER UP I KNOW FOR SURE.  Bad stupid birds.  I'm trying to be nice, but I am getting my point across.  Every night I fly in for night night, but instead of landing on my little sleep cage (mine, mine mine) I land on the parakeet cage, climb to the top and watch them go nuts.  If they settle down, I stomp my foot so they get all upset again.

I was stomping on their cage last night and the woman said "Now Oliver, that isn't nice".  Stupid woman, I know it's not nice, that's why I'm doing it.  Of course it's not nice.  Nothing about it is nice because I am upset.

She says when she feels a little better she'll move their cage down to a lower table so I will be higher up. If she does that, I might quit terrorizing them.  The problem is it's kind of fun, ya know?  HAW

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KMAT-Line up here

Vile, selfish, greedy, greedy self centered money grubbing liars can kiss my ass.

People who are both dishonest and stupid-kiss my ass.

Flag waving dishonest religious types-kiss my ass.

Relatives who I don't like can kiss my ass.  Really, we are related?  Too fucking bad I still don't like you, kiss my ass.

The feeling that I can't help everyone I love-THAT can kiss my ass too.  True as that may be, I don't even have to pretend I like it.

If you are reading this-please send your best ass kissing vibes my way.  I am struggling to turn the other cheek, and unfortunately, the cheek I want to turn isn't the one in the old axiom.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prozac Shuffle

Time shuffle anti-depressants.    I can continue to procrastinate but it's going to result in wasted time and not much else.  Piss on it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six Word Saturday-late night medical television

"Take a Stool Sample"
Where to?

"Draw Blood"
May I use ink?

"Cause of Death?"
because death happens

"Eat your vegetables"
don't eat mine

"Eat your vegetables"
carrots must die

Friday, September 4, 2009

What now brown cow?

What now brown cow?  I'm all out of tricks and treats.
Any ideas?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 13-Afterlife dinner party

jacques Pictures, Images and Photos

Kahlil Gibran Pictures, Images and Photos

Darwin Pictures, Images and Photos

Georgia O'Keeffe Pictures, Images and Photos

freida kahlo Pictures, Images and Photos

mother teresa Pictures, Images and Photos

Curt Cobain Pictures, Images and Photos

Janis Joplin Pictures, Images and Photos

Billie Holiday Pictures, Images and Photos

I actually started out with people I wanted to ask questions of-but later, I began adding people who I thought the earlier guests might enjoy they are listed here in the order I thought of them. Not saying this my ALL TIME list (I hate those declarations anyhow, but wouldn't this be a fun dinner party?
I do hope someone would talk Mother Theresa into being a little less demure though-you can barely see her.

I'm sure Michael Jackson would love to come and visit with Marilyn and Janis-but he isn't even in the ground yet and frankly, I'm tired of him right now.   Don't worry Michael, I'll have you over next time along with Princess Di.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HAW !!!!!! Guess What?

The woman moved my sleep cage into her room again-AND she put the parakeets in there too.  So my day starts waking up with her and the noisy parakeets.  THEN she goes outside and lets the dogs out and I play play sing sing talk talk talk.  When I settle down, she comes in and puts me on my perch and I get Toddler tunes!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

One of my favorite songs is the Cookie Monster song, and when Cookie was singing Cookie Cookie Cookie I forgot the woman was in the room and said "Apple?"  I think Cookie feels about cookies the way I feel about apples.   I love love apples and Cookie loves loves loves his cookies!

When it warms up, I go out to the sun room and yell at the dogs all afternoon.  Then it's back inside.  She usually puts me on top of my sleep cage and then I go inside when I ready to go to sleep.  I'm a big bird, and I like it when I get to decide when it's time for night night.

I hope you all get to go to bed when you want to and get up when you want to!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Late-KMA! LOL

Yesterday was one of those days where I got a lot of random stuff done, nothing notable, but was a very nice day.  Today all hell breaks loose because I sleep in and people have been trying to reach me for DAYS.  Huh?  Kiss My Ass.  I rode an hour and half on the bike, I have a stuffy head from all the rain, AND I'm still relaxed (AKA tired) from the exercise and I just can't get worked up enough to get cranky.
Well, very cranky.  I've already noticed the shorter days and realized some of my own ansty feelings are just the season change.  Happens every fall.  If you point that out to someone who is feeling it too-they will most likely bite your head off-so KMA.
Oliver the parrot is very unhappy because he can no longer camp on the sunporch and go out first thing in the morning an yell at the dogs.  Of course, I still let the dogs out and that pisses him off to no end.  He feels forgotten.  This morning I decided to bring him into the living room on his perch and give him his apple and let him watch Toddler tunes.  Little fart clicks his beak at me.  Well, KMA.  Of course, I go ahead and get him out and bring him in, pet him until he quits being grumpy, then give him his apple apple.
He's now dancing on his perch, having had his apple and cleaned his beak.  I think he'd forgotten about Toddler tunes, but now realizes they aren't such a bad trade off.  Grumpy bird, KMA.
Prissy was having her twice yearly stomach ache yesterday.  I had her sleep with me so if she needed anything in the night she could just paw.  She was "cured" at a terribly early hour, and she woke me by sticking her little pointy paw in my nose....KMA-WTF?  I was glad she felt better so I didn't stay mad.
Staying mad is a waste of time, just say KMA and move on!