Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KMAT-Pointless SH**

I can never decide whether I get more done with a schedule or a plan-less protocol.   My schedule's are usually over planned and daunting, my plan less days are so scattered it's hard to see any progress, although I'm usually busier on those days and spend less time avoiding.

Today a schedule seems to fall in the category of pointless shit.  In fact, I could go as far as to say I'm annoyed at the very suggestion that I might want to plan something or another.  Tomorrow, it may well seem like the second coming of something good-but for today, it can KMA.

Isn't it strange how something can be worthy of an ass kiss one day and a great idea the next day?  What may even be stranger is that I LIKE it that it is a variable factor.  Does that make me less disciplined or MORE flexible?  Oh KMA silly labels-labels are definitely pointless shit.  But even that rule is not without exception-file folders, dog food canisters all of those fall in the good use of labels category.

Cabbage eating bugs can kiss my ass and die.  Yes, one of the things I'm definitely going to do today, though it won't be on any list (because lists are in the KMA category today), will be to sevin dust the crap out of my cabbage plants.  Or spray.  Whatever I grab first will be the method of delivery of the poison.  KMAAD to you cabbage eating bugs.  List or no, you die today.

I've just spent 4 days on the road with my parents.  KMA regular meal times.  Yes, I know it's good for them to have structure, and by golly, for them I do it, even though my head wants to explode.  Invariably, at one meal we have to discuss when and where the next one will occur.  They need the structure, the planning, and for them I will comply.  But oh for shit's sake!   I'm giving myself a break today and indulging in liquid protein shakes for the day-just to have a respite from thinking about food.

It's kind of weird, because I still journal and analyze my food quite a bit-but I know people who plan their menus a week in advance-and FOLLOW them.  HOLY HELL.  Even my own mother only works out a couple of days in advance.  I want to puke just thinking about planning a week's worth of "menus".  Kiss my ass control freaks and stay the hell away from me.  Scarily anal people in general can kiss my ass.

I do have my anal areas too, but I try not to be blatant about them.  For one thing, it gives someone who's having an ornery day ample ammo.

Oliver the parrot has flown over to the couch to add his own personal KMA-he says, and I quote, "KMA people who leave town.  BAD BAD BAD."

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soulbrush said...

am speechless for once.so all i can do is agree with you right now.