Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 13 Sounds I like

1. The peep peep of the 'keets as they settle in for the night.

2. Oliver's wolf howl announcing that he is awake, therefore it must be time to wake up.

3. The sound of water boiling in a kettle-such promise!

4. Casper's nicker-his quiet "ahem, you are paying attention to someone other than myself " noise.

5. The rumble of the heater coming on-it says "I'm working, I'm gonna warm you up now...."

6. The woosh of the breaking seal of a tin of biscuits-POP!

7. Dog nails on wood-clippity clippity clippity.

8. Hoofbeats on turf.  Goes right through me in a wonderful way.

9. Hissy pissy python hisses.  I KNOW it's not polite-but it makes me laugh and I can't help but like it.

10. Parakeet fussing noises.  I think it's probably a squawk, but the more outraged they get, the more I smile.

11. Cody's mustering of the troops to go out and pee.....could he BE any more of a little old grumpy man?

12. I like to hear insects buzz as long as they are not buzzing around my head or on me.

13. Clothes in a dryer-going round and round....ah, a comfort sound if there ever was one.


studio lolo said...

Good desriptions. I was right there!

Lynn said...

do you live in a zoo?

Debra Kay said...

LOL-No zoo, in that it's not open for public viewing. But I do have quite a few exotic beasties-not sayin who qualifies because each one thinks he/she is special regardless of species.

Tonight's task is to give Sonny, my largest python, a bath. That's always good for a laugh.

Julie said...

I really love the sound of my doggies nails on the floor too!!! I finally got her nails trimmed tonight...I was a little behind on that chore. I will miss the sound until they grow out again!