Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haiku Bones-Sleep

Implied promised energy
Restore-renew, sleep


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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Six word Saturday

Go for the highnotes like Oliver.

  I'm working and listening to Oliver practice a song he's working on-he's trying different notes and melodies.
I love that bird-he, like most parrots is not very good at high notes or long notes-but he keeps trying and trying.  He wants to get it right, and usually he does.  Then he laughs with delight.

It is so easy to be good at what you are already good at-but the real victory comes in going for the highnotes and succeeding.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It this the Tipping Point?

Made it ALL day yesterday without picking up anything weighing more than 5 pounds.  My mom snorted at this-but YOU try it.  I don't consider myself a really active person either-but 5 pounds is not that heavy.  I bet a gallon of milk weighs 5 pounds. 

Then I goofed and drank fully leaded and decaf so I listened to good music till 4 am and tried not to fret.

Right now I like Grooveshark.  I have a portable Sirius radio I haven't set up yet.  Resetting the car radio (before the ban on cussing) was a chore.  I may try to calmly set it up today.  I am down another 4.00 from yesterday.

I love Atlantic City by Bruce Springstein.  It's artistry, the repetition and phrasing conveys the perfect sense of desperation-no wonder it was a hit for the Boss.  But as I listened and played video games-I kept wondering-"If the Boss called, would you meet him Atlantic City?"

Of course I wouldn't now, but even as a young foolish lass, I would not have followed a clearly desperate man on an illegal venture.  I have jumped into a burning van and pulled a man I loved out-no qualms about death or injury.  But breaking the law?  Nah.  I am just so NOT a desperado and never have been.

Oh, there was a point about a tipping point.  My point about that point is that I am now able to think about silly things right now and not how badly my leg hurts when it will stop hurting and what this all means.  It means I fell off a horse and got the flu.

It probably means if I ride again I should use stirrups and not leave my helmet in the locker.  (looking the other way and whistling.....)  So, the tipping point isn't tipping me into a new dimension, just back to the one I tipped out of a month ago.

What that means is the world just goes on anyway.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Groin Groin Groin!

For weeks I wasn't even sure women had groins, but we do and mine hurts.  Back is pretty much unspasmed and decompressed.  Hip-check, back on line.  Groin, not so much.

I am having a terrible time being compliant with the non lifting.  I actually enjoy the stretches I do-I've always liked stretching-you don't get sweaty and it feels good.  I've had numerous laproscopic belly surgeries, and never busted a stitch or a hernia because I didn't lift anything over 5 pounds first week, 10 pounds for several weeks after.  I'm good at following simple directions.  Until now.

For one thing, I don't have the threat, even imagined, of guts flying eveywhere if I don't comply.  Two, I've already been confined for a little over a month.  Three, unlike belly surgery which hurts pretty much all the time, then fades, the quits and viola-you can lift again-THIS little jewel doesn't hurt until YOU lift.  It's sneaky.  SNEAKY I tell you.

The way the muscle works is pretty standard.  For the first couple of weeks my leg had to stay straight.  I sleep on my back with my legs twined and crossed the way most legs would never go-so this was very hard for me.  Crossing my legs again was quite relief.

I've walked out the walking muscles-I can stay up to do pretty much any household chore and can string together several now.  I can go to the grocery.  Carrying them in is where the trouble starts.  The last 40 pound bag of dog food put me on my back for two days.

So, I am declaring a lifting hiatus of one week starting today-which is really tomorrow for me cause I'm writing this on Tuesday but I've already lifted something I shouldn't have.  And it was sneaky-because I didn't know it was heavy.

Part of my declutter project involves lots and lots of paper-paper is heavy.  BUT, tadaaa-I could just put the stuff I want to throw out in bags, and deal with the bags later.  Some day I'll be able to carry out a lot of bags and wow, won't that be great?  Can you tell I'm really trying hard to work within the boundaries my body has set for me?

For the clutter issue-this may actually be good-instead of doing it the way I think it should be done or not at all-I am doing it any way I can.  If I try really hard, I could even generate the same enthusiasm I did for building the makeshift toilet.

A note about that for future reference.  I started with a bag lined box-because the box was narrower than the bucket and I didn't have to spread my legs as far-this was back in the days described above.  For some reason-it had to have a bag and it had to have a receptacle.  As I dismantled and cleaned, I realized-had I just used a bag, I wouldn't have had to spread my poor legs much at all.  So much for thinking outside the BOX...........ok, that makes me laugh out loud!  (sorry if that was too much KJ-it makes me giggle too much to delete it)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big 50

First I have to acknowledge it-then I've got to figure out what it all means.  Hah-that would take another 50 years.

My plan for some time was to cage dive with a Great White Shark ON my birthday.  Now, I'm not so sure.  It's not a fear thing-it's a dollar thing.  The dive at the Farallons-where the big pregnant girls are-would be cold as all get out.  I cannot convey with words how much I loathe being cold.

Guadalupe is a week long event.  Cool, yes, expensive, OH MY.  No one I know would get in the water with me, and no one I know would actual go on the boat, so I am not sure that bobbing around the ocean with strangers is how I want to celebrate my 50th-and the sharks are the males who are smaller and inferior.

Lately I've figured out dreams don't always work out-we know I'm slow.  So, I've been amusing myself with alternative celebrations and combinations.  I could go on a topside voyage to the Farallons  and watch the sharks swim around other people while I wore a coat and took pictures.  If I did that-I could also take a decent road trip this summer WITH my border collies.  I have friends who have expressed interest in part of the trip.

At the time the shark dream started, tourism hadn't happened, and people rarely saw them.  It was the rare factor.  Now anyone with a plane ticket and 400 bucks can see one.  Lots of people do-it's still not common perhaps, but not RARE.

On the other hand, seeing prairies and mountains and sheep and bison and all manner of things through the eyes of Moon, Molly and Solo-that can only be accomplished by me.  And even if I share it with pictures and words, it is still implied that I did it-ME. 

I've never thought in terms of a birthday being about me before.  I told you I was slow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And then it all Changed

For grins, I went back to my last post before it all caved in.  On January the 24 I was worried about nutrition, clutter and talking about upcoming trips.

On January 25, Prissy got terribly ill and I fell off my horse and ended up at the ER.  That was a long day, it's past and no sense in wasting space with it now.  I was up and around on the 26th, on the 27th I woke up with a flu that got incredibly and rapidly worse as the day progressed.  A blizzard started and I was snowed in for a week with the flu, no working toilet and very limited mobility.

Some days it took me all day until 10 or 11 pm, to feed the dogs and myself.  When you are snowed in, you are on your own with what you have available.  When we ran out of dog food (it was frozen in the car) we started on lean meats from the freezer.  The dogs were ok with this program.

I lost a couple of snakes during that time-a virus has been going through my colony and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I lost a friend who was a young mother.  We did not, thankfully, lose power-my plan was just to go to sleep and die along with the animals-I had no energy to do anything else.

It's been a long road back and I'm still not there yet-but am moving in the right direction.  I can move around more easily now, stay up for longer times.  The Westminster Dog show was the first television show I was able to watch in over a month-sitting is still not the easiest thing to do.

Sometimes I get tired of explaining why "it's taking so long" to heal.  I'm going to be fifty-I fell from a height that is taller than my head.  Nothing broke-a lot of things got really banged up and bruised.  If you think YOU could do better, climb up to about 5 feet 7 inches and do a flop more or less straight down on your bottom.  Then get back to me.  Oh, and run 100 and something fever for several days, shaking and shivering on those sore muscles and don't eat for a week or so.  See how that works for you....LOL.

More and more I get amazed at how even older people in our society think there should be a pill or a treatment that is an instant cure.  We really have gotten completely out of touch with our bodies and how they work.  That statement includes me.  I've learned more about my buttocks and pelvic girdle than I ever knew existed.  I didn't quite realize that extent of the muscles that lurk there until they all got tied up in knots

Of course, we all know I'm getting better now as I'm willing to talk about it.  Being sick or injured always drives me deep inside.  I have some ideas why that might be-but it really doesn't matter in the scheme of things.

While perched on my heating pad, I've distracted myself with taking stock of things.  Some of those things are not pleasant to take stock of-but I am keeping my eyes open as I always do and will push through.

I'm going to set this to post on Monday-I like my haiku and I don't want to take away from it.  Priorities.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haiku Bones-Fraught

For more haiku fun-visit Haiku Bones

Green pushes aside
Comforting earth, behold sun......


This pleases me-I've felt I've been perhaps too literal in always using the word prompt-did I get it right-I was trying to get the image without using the word.  You guys tell me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six word saturday

Rest easy surrounded by loving thoughts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doing Good Deeds with a Potty Mouth

My potty mouth is going to help out Bernie Berlin at a Place to Bark.

For the remainder of Lent, I will pay 5.00 for each F bomb, a dollar for all other words spoken or written.  I shared this with members of a forum I belong to-and one lady is going to contribute 5,00 for each forum member who signs up to join the effort (up to 100.00) and we are a potty mouth group.

I'm not Catholic and I'm not even religious, but I very much like the idea of positive change, and I don't like the idea of needless suffering-so I will suffer my restraint, but when I goof-it will help our furry friends.

I'm so excited I have a Mitvah to report for Mitvah Friday at Micheles.....

Thanks to the efforts of Moon, Greta, Oliver the Dog, Cody and Oliver the Parrot, I have 8.75 in the cussing jar already.  Moon broke in with his crew and went counter surfing whilst I was playing with Molly and Solo. Oliver the parrot was in his cage, but he was hanging upside down laughing and urging the dogs to more mayhem.

Since then he has repeated several of the words I uttered, but I am not paying for him because he's a loose cannon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Poor Luna is shiny and has put on weight and is a glorious sight to behold, right up until she rolls over.  Her belly, where they shaved her for her spay, is bald as a boiled egg.  This probably why she spends as much time as possible with her belly pressed up against me.

I'm going to break down and put a cat door out to the garage.  For her, the garage is as outdoors as she's gonna get (there is another door that leads to the outside, and a side yard that is gated, but that is next to a dog who would do nothing but bark if I let her out there.  She will also have use of the dog room on nice days-so she has plenty of access to the sun and to her Pal Oliver who goes otu there on sunny days too.

We may have to get sunscreen for her belly though.  This is me trying to work while lying down with a cat on my chest.  Then I tried to take a picture of that, but she kept looking at me not the computer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Solo's Salute to the Olympics

Mim and Oliver

First-Mim-I can't post on your blog-but I wanted to give you a hug......((((((Hugs))))))

Ok-I hesitate to post Oliver stories because some of them are a little far fetched.  We've been working on questions lately-what does kitty say, what does pirate say=and he knows a question requires a certain answer-he has the concept.  So now I ask him random questions just to see what he'll say.

Today he's been singing his version of the cops theme-it used to be bad dogs bad dogs what you gonna do-but then a few weeks ago he changed it to bad bird bad bird and he thinks this is very funny.  He totally gets humor.

So, anyway, today he was singing and singing and suddenly I asked him-Ok, Mister Bird, WHAT do you think THEY will say when they come for you?  He thought about it for a minute-he knows about what-say and he knew it related to the song....then he laughed and said "Say-WANT SOME POPCORN? and then he laughed and laughed and laughed (and so did I).

For the rest of the night he'd sing his bad bird song, the go "say want some POPCORN" and just crack up laughing.  He's smarter than most people.

He also gets context.  Molly was in and did a good job with her training and when she was walking out he said "Oh, good job Molly" (which is amazing because until recently he taunted her).  Then she got into trouble later on and he said "BAD DOG MOLLY-Molly is BAD BAD"  Now I realize some of that is him repeating what I"ve said, but he clearly understand the difference between a good dog and a bad dog-and this is new for him.  In the past he was always rude to Molly.

Same hold true with Moon and Solo-when they are quiet or doing proper behavoirs, he'll tell them they are good.  When they are barking or being naughty, he scolds them.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haiku Bones-Seductive

Belgian Chocolate
Coffee with heavy sweat cream
Lucious, seductive


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six word saturday

Carob valetine's for the dogs-YUM.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I realize I haven't been writing because I hate talking about physical pain.  If I am having it-it takes all my focus to deal with it.  If I am not having it-I don't want to think about it.

A week or so ago I would have been content just to find a position where I could lie still and not be in total agony.  Aching was ok, just stop the agony.  Now I've progressed to the point that I want to walk and sit.  I know, I'm never happy.

I feel good enough to start feeling antsy-but if I stay up too long I have to stretch back out to relax those muscles.  I want to feel good again, and then I feel very guilty for wanting that.  A young mother I know died a few weeks ago-I'm sure she'd take my body, agony and all.

So, I feel guilty for not liking physcial pain.  I feel frustrated for not being able to leap up and do the things I want to do.  I distract myself for a little bit, then I feel guilty for the time I've "wasted" by distracting myself.

I'm frustrated there is no timetable for "better", then I feel guilty because at least I know I will get better, and some people won't.  It's just one big cycle of real pain and self inflicted mental pain. 


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm here-really

Blogger is being weird about letting me leave comments-I just wanted you guys to know I am lurking even if I'm not commenting.

Oliver and I just shared an apple.  It was his idea.  He suddenly perked up from his nap and said in his sweetest voice "Do you want your APPLE?"  Who could resist, not me.

I couldn't watch the super bowl (SUPA BOWL) according to Oliver.  Sitting doesn't work yet for me.  But I had a good time listening to Mr. Bird, who went nuts with all the screaming and applause and such.  He yelled SUPA BOWL and YAY and OMIGOD and laughed all evening long.  He was pretty quiet on Monday-he was worn out from all his celebrating.

He also figured out if he sticks his head in an empty food dish and makes his pirate noise "AAAAARGH" it echoes.  He has changed his Bad dog bad dogs song to -you guessed it BAd Bird BAd bird-watchu gonna do.

Finally, and this is big-he changed up a canned response, to, I believe elicit laughter.

We play a game called "What does kitty say?  What does pirate say?....etc. and he knows what each thing is supposed to say (Kitty says meow, Pirate says arrrrgh, dog barks, etc).  We were playing that and I said "what does kitty say?" and he paused for a minute and then shouted "AAAAGH who let the dogs out?"  I laughed so hard I hurt myself, and he laughed for an hour after that.  I really do believe it was a deliberate "joke" on his part.  He likes he sound of laughter, so it's not so far fetched to think he'd want to do something to create that sound.

He has been my angel as I've been sick and recovered.  I love all my animals, but Oliver is really and truly more of a colleague than a pet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haiku Bones-breath

Resting Silently
In the space between two breaths
Is eternity

More haiku fun at Haiku 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010


Toilet spontaneously unclogged.  This is good cause Daddy forgot to tell Mom to get me some liquid plumber and that sparked an existential pity party on my part.  Now, I'm telling this just as it happened.  I was hovering over my makeshift dunny-peeing and grimacing cause squatting hurts and generally feeling "woe is me' and WOOOOSH-the toilet unclogged!  I cheered and the bird cheered because that's what he does.

I thought about what this might MEAN-yes it makes me snicker to even type it.  But I did.  And I think the lesson is that sometimes we focus on "help will come from X" and we forget about all the other letters out there-and even the random events.  Maybe "help" would come sooner if we just opened ourselves to the possibility that help will come.

Now that's some deep shit.....HAHAHAHAHAH.  I know, but even KJ has to think that's funny!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Power stayed on and nobody died.
It's Tuesday-so 7 days since I've left these walls.
Toilet is dead-need a plunger or liquid plummer.

I can walk a little bit, but cannot sit.  This arrangement has caused my "good" hip to get sore and makes toileting not so fun.  Also see above toilet comment.

Oliver has an entire new repetoire of coughs and groans.

I've bet Daddy a quarter his pacemaker will not have to be replaced.  He thinks they gave him an MRI in the ER (which per the manual destroys pacemakers) and I think they gave him a Cat Scan.  I don't trust his memory because he's old and he doesn't trust mine cause I fell off a horse.

The dog room sprung a leak and is wet.  The dog food I bought pre storm is safely frozen in the truck so the dogs are eating their way through my freezer.  Yesterday they had rabbit and turkey.  Today they are gettin a rack of ribs.

The rack of ribs was bought on sale an will probably figure out to be more cost effective than the damn dog food.

I am simmering oxtails/leaks/carrot/potatoes for myself.