Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Power stayed on and nobody died.
It's Tuesday-so 7 days since I've left these walls.
Toilet is dead-need a plunger or liquid plummer.

I can walk a little bit, but cannot sit.  This arrangement has caused my "good" hip to get sore and makes toileting not so fun.  Also see above toilet comment.

Oliver has an entire new repetoire of coughs and groans.

I've bet Daddy a quarter his pacemaker will not have to be replaced.  He thinks they gave him an MRI in the ER (which per the manual destroys pacemakers) and I think they gave him a Cat Scan.  I don't trust his memory because he's old and he doesn't trust mine cause I fell off a horse.

The dog room sprung a leak and is wet.  The dog food I bought pre storm is safely frozen in the truck so the dogs are eating their way through my freezer.  Yesterday they had rabbit and turkey.  Today they are gettin a rack of ribs.

The rack of ribs was bought on sale an will probably figure out to be more cost effective than the damn dog food.

I am simmering oxtails/leaks/carrot/potatoes for myself.


studio lolo said...

jeez deb, the truck's still frozen and the hopper is still on the fritz? When it rains, it pours.
(all over the dog food apparantly!)

You're really going to need that getaway in April ;)


Debra Kay said...

I have a week planned in March too and yeah, I'm going to need it big time.

I was really gaining momentum on my life too-then about two weeks ago things just went belly up-first Dad, then me.

Ah well, it's not back to square one really-it's resume from two weeks ago-that sounds better, doesn't it? Perspective.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I have never eaten oxtail anything. I have read the recipes in an old cookbook I have. I don't think I could even purchase one around here. Do take care.

soulbrush said...

omg what's happening over there? methinks you should have that holiday right now! thank heavens snakes and doggies and olie are all fine, and you too of course...
wordveri:cyciviose, which sorta sums your situation up nicely.

Mim said...

wow debs - lot's to get thru. But you'll be OK and things will get better and warmer and better yet. Damn winter!

Debra Kay said...

True to my pact with the universe, I have not complained about the weather.

I am a bit bummed out about not having a toilet and not being able to leave the house. I'm a clever girl, and I have a solution that will work until the ice thaws the rest of the way....but it's quite annoying.

Marion said...

Wow, this would overwhelm lesser folks, Debra...just goes to show how amazing you are. I hope things are a bit better today!

I REALLY hope your toilet has been fixed by now...this would be a catastrophe for me!

"but it's quite annoying."...I'll bet.