Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doing Good Deeds with a Potty Mouth

My potty mouth is going to help out Bernie Berlin at a Place to Bark.

For the remainder of Lent, I will pay 5.00 for each F bomb, a dollar for all other words spoken or written.  I shared this with members of a forum I belong to-and one lady is going to contribute 5,00 for each forum member who signs up to join the effort (up to 100.00) and we are a potty mouth group.

I'm not Catholic and I'm not even religious, but I very much like the idea of positive change, and I don't like the idea of needless suffering-so I will suffer my restraint, but when I goof-it will help our furry friends.

I'm so excited I have a Mitvah to report for Mitvah Friday at Micheles.....

Thanks to the efforts of Moon, Greta, Oliver the Dog, Cody and Oliver the Parrot, I have 8.75 in the cussing jar already.  Moon broke in with his crew and went counter surfing whilst I was playing with Molly and Solo. Oliver the parrot was in his cage, but he was hanging upside down laughing and urging the dogs to more mayhem.

Since then he has repeated several of the words I uttered, but I am not paying for him because he's a loose cannon.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is so amusing. You will be broke by the end of Lent and won't be able to buy a chocolate bunny.

Debra Kay said...

Oh, I'm not giving up chocolate-NO WAY.

I am giving up carbs but it's not a lenten thing and I will have my annual yearly Malted Milk Robin eggs-not the little bitty icky ones-the big ones.

I'm not sure when that will happen. It has to be timed just right-I must savor them and wait long enough to really want them bad but not too long or I'll eat one pound bag. Timing is all.

Debra Kay said...

Oh-one caveat-I prepaid 50 dollars for a week in Texas when I am on vacation-no cussing counting on vacation. I got a discounted prepaid rate to avoid the counting.

I said I wasn't a Catholic, remember?

kj said...

debra kay, may i have your cuss words on loan? i could put them to music...

oh ___can we see

by the ____ early ____

what so ____ we hail

oh that's enough for starts...

Debra Kay said...

KJ-your post came in right after I posted on Renee's blog-seems like insomnia rules the night.

Not cussing is rough business, even when I'm writing-it's become second nature to me. I don't foresee giving it up forever, just till Lent is over.

And it's win win, cause when I mess up, the doggies win!

Mim said...

Fxxxin A Debs - I'm in!!!