Thursday, February 25, 2010

It this the Tipping Point?

Made it ALL day yesterday without picking up anything weighing more than 5 pounds.  My mom snorted at this-but YOU try it.  I don't consider myself a really active person either-but 5 pounds is not that heavy.  I bet a gallon of milk weighs 5 pounds. 

Then I goofed and drank fully leaded and decaf so I listened to good music till 4 am and tried not to fret.

Right now I like Grooveshark.  I have a portable Sirius radio I haven't set up yet.  Resetting the car radio (before the ban on cussing) was a chore.  I may try to calmly set it up today.  I am down another 4.00 from yesterday.

I love Atlantic City by Bruce Springstein.  It's artistry, the repetition and phrasing conveys the perfect sense of desperation-no wonder it was a hit for the Boss.  But as I listened and played video games-I kept wondering-"If the Boss called, would you meet him Atlantic City?"

Of course I wouldn't now, but even as a young foolish lass, I would not have followed a clearly desperate man on an illegal venture.  I have jumped into a burning van and pulled a man I loved out-no qualms about death or injury.  But breaking the law?  Nah.  I am just so NOT a desperado and never have been.

Oh, there was a point about a tipping point.  My point about that point is that I am now able to think about silly things right now and not how badly my leg hurts when it will stop hurting and what this all means.  It means I fell off a horse and got the flu.

It probably means if I ride again I should use stirrups and not leave my helmet in the locker.  (looking the other way and whistling.....)  So, the tipping point isn't tipping me into a new dimension, just back to the one I tipped out of a month ago.

What that means is the world just goes on anyway.


Snowbrush said...

For three months of the last eleven, I was unable to pick up ANYTHING with one of my arms. For the next three months, I was (and still am) unable to lift more than eight ounces with the same arm. SO, I do know what you mean.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you are coming right along. Keep on keeping on.