Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm here-really

Blogger is being weird about letting me leave comments-I just wanted you guys to know I am lurking even if I'm not commenting.

Oliver and I just shared an apple.  It was his idea.  He suddenly perked up from his nap and said in his sweetest voice "Do you want your APPLE?"  Who could resist, not me.

I couldn't watch the super bowl (SUPA BOWL) according to Oliver.  Sitting doesn't work yet for me.  But I had a good time listening to Mr. Bird, who went nuts with all the screaming and applause and such.  He yelled SUPA BOWL and YAY and OMIGOD and laughed all evening long.  He was pretty quiet on Monday-he was worn out from all his celebrating.

He also figured out if he sticks his head in an empty food dish and makes his pirate noise "AAAAARGH" it echoes.  He has changed his Bad dog bad dogs song to -you guessed it BAd Bird BAd bird-watchu gonna do.

Finally, and this is big-he changed up a canned response, to, I believe elicit laughter.

We play a game called "What does kitty say?  What does pirate say?....etc. and he knows what each thing is supposed to say (Kitty says meow, Pirate says arrrrgh, dog barks, etc).  We were playing that and I said "what does kitty say?" and he paused for a minute and then shouted "AAAAGH who let the dogs out?"  I laughed so hard I hurt myself, and he laughed for an hour after that.  I really do believe it was a deliberate "joke" on his part.  He likes he sound of laughter, so it's not so far fetched to think he'd want to do something to create that sound.

He has been my angel as I've been sick and recovered.  I love all my animals, but Oliver is really and truly more of a colleague than a pet.


Cat said...

Oliver sounds like a fabulous companion! Lucky you!! :) How adorable!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad to hear that Oliver is such a good sitter with the patient. He is such a dear.

Lynn said...

Boy, parrots must be quite intelligent! and with a sense of humor yet! I was sure you were talking about a toddler...wow...I'm impressed.

soulbrush said...

so glad you are recovering now. that oliver is a true gem.

Mim said...

little people they are - just as fun and cantankerous as big people. I hope you keep laughing debs

Debra Kay said...

HUGE milestone-I needed something in the other room and got out of bed without thinking about it. I was halfway down the hall before I realized it!

I celebrated by sitting a little bit in the living room-but used some common sense and got up before my leg started screaming.

Marion said...

So glad you're feeling better...nothing like huge laughter to lighten the load. I'm so glad you have Oliver...a friend has a Parrot who keeps me in stitches!