Friday, February 11, 2011

Days 8-9-10 and 11

I fell prey to the snow and sore muscles-haven't done a full 15 minutes in days-but do stretch each night.  Maybe THAT will become my routine-since it really does appear to make for a less stiff morning wake up.

I'm really working on finding what works for me rather than follow a formula.  I DO look at formulas though-to see if anything in them might work for me.

People are really food crabby this time of year.  The holidays are over, the weight gain is real, and they are looking for the next magic bullet.  I'm avoiding most food discussions right now because people get evangelical about whatever they've chosen.  They WANT to believe.  I am beginning to suspect the thing you need to believe in is yourself-but if that is the case it is something a person has to come to realize on their own.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 6 and 7 of 21 Feb

I had a weird victory.  I did not do yoga last night-because I had a 5 hour flyball practice and helped push a car out of the snow.  I was tired.  For ME-realizing that the needs of the body outweigh the needs of a "perfect" 21 days is huge-and  I was rewarded by being able to walk again today.

Sometimes I get so task oriented I forget to see the bigger picture-the goal is not 21 perfect days-it's flexible joints.  Popped out tendons aren't very flexible.  Wow-in 7 million years I might even evolve a brain.

Cutting back on dairy means I have to be more careful with acidy stuff like tomatoes.  That is a pretty boring thing to note-but it does make me realize how much everything is really connected.  One change here-makes another one over there.  The up side is-I taste certain flavors more intensely now.  Cilantro-always nice-is now heavenly.  For some odd reason-I like lemon a LOT.

The Yoga helped with last week's snow bound experience-with more snow on the way.  Yippee skippy-but I can walk and my toilet works and life is good!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 4 and 5 of 21 Feb

It's a lucky thing I selected something that could be worked on easily at home-we've been snowed in all week.  I'm focusing on making my positions smooth and holding them properly and I'm really getting in some good stretches.

Today we have sun and are supposed to be over 32 degrees-so maybe a little snow will melt.  We have more snow due for tomorrow.  I'm just taking one minute at a time and trying not to give in to the cranky mindset.

I would make a good hermit-I enjoy hanging out with Oliver the Parrot and the dogs and the kitties.  I'm not sure I'm "wintering on Cape Cod" material yet.  A week is not the same as several months.  I love the idea of holing up writing and hanging out with my furry and feathered friends-but I'm also afraid I'd feel really claustrophobic. My reality is that I need to be able to be near my parents if they need me-so it's fun to think about but not practical to actually do.

What I COULD do is some kind of summer or spring isolation thing-where I could get home if they needed me.  I'll have to give that some thought.  The first thing that comes to mind is that there cannot be bears-so where would one go to be isolated and bear free?

I also need a toilet and a shower.  I'm high maintenance. Electricity and internet.  I'm hopeless.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 and 3 of 21/February

This yoga thing has proved to be a good choice.  15 minutes a day can be tucked in right before bed and it seems to be a good habit to develop.  I burned a yoga mix in Itunes and I just put it on and do my few poses.  You can't do a lot in 15 minutes-and I'm concentrating on quality of pose, not quantity.

Right now I can only focus on what I'm doing, my balance and not busting my ass-so I don't think I'll get a burst of insight from the practice-but I am already feeling a little more limber.

I added a little cheese and some egg into my diet-just not interested in meat right now.  Oh, I have had fish a couple of times.

Ironically, I am drying meat for training treats for the dogs.  It keeps me occupied during this snow storm and keeps the house a little warmer as well.  Once I started it I realized drying and freezing (that don't get THAT dry) might be better tackled now rather than in July when it's 103 degrees outside.

OTP was feeling left out so I cooked him an egg this morning and gave him a cube of cheese.  It's never a good idea to let the parrot feel left out and I wouldn't want to   make him feel bad anyway.  He listens to the music and watches me do the yoga each night-and I don't think he's quite figured it all out yet-but I'm dying to hear what he comes up with-because you know he will eventually have something to say about it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1 of 21/Feb

I am going to do 21 days of daily yoga practice for February-just 15 minutes a day.  I've incorporated a lot of what I discovered in my vegan experience into daily living and shopping habits.  I want to continue to explore new ways of being each month.

Actually, I've tried vegan before-and I've done yoga.  I guess the new part is a 21 day trial....or something-I don't know.

We are ass deep in snow and some of the critters love it-some don't.  This time last year I was laid up unable to walk, snowed in with no working toilet-so this year it is pretty  much smooth sailing.  You spend a week with no working toilet and a leg injury that does allow you to walk or bend over-THEN you come griping to me about a little snow.  I grin from ear to ear each time I sit on the toilet with no pain and feel like shouting woo hoo when I get a good flush-yeah-it's the little things.