Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 and 3 of 21/February

This yoga thing has proved to be a good choice.  15 minutes a day can be tucked in right before bed and it seems to be a good habit to develop.  I burned a yoga mix in Itunes and I just put it on and do my few poses.  You can't do a lot in 15 minutes-and I'm concentrating on quality of pose, not quantity.

Right now I can only focus on what I'm doing, my balance and not busting my ass-so I don't think I'll get a burst of insight from the practice-but I am already feeling a little more limber.

I added a little cheese and some egg into my diet-just not interested in meat right now.  Oh, I have had fish a couple of times.

Ironically, I am drying meat for training treats for the dogs.  It keeps me occupied during this snow storm and keeps the house a little warmer as well.  Once I started it I realized drying and freezing (that don't get THAT dry) might be better tackled now rather than in July when it's 103 degrees outside.

OTP was feeling left out so I cooked him an egg this morning and gave him a cube of cheese.  It's never a good idea to let the parrot feel left out and I wouldn't want to   make him feel bad anyway.  He listens to the music and watches me do the yoga each night-and I don't think he's quite figured it all out yet-but I'm dying to hear what he comes up with-because you know he will eventually have something to say about it.

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