Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waving Hello

I seem to be very much in a transition of sorts and I'm trying to pay attention so I can get my lessons I need to get and move on.  I've recently started taking Ritalin (for adult ADD) so maybe that will help.  If nothing else-it makes for one funny paragraph.  Boy-that would suck if that's what your life ended up being-one funny paragraph!

Oh, I know, it could be worse, a 6 word tragedy.  SIGH.  I never seem to win in the one upmanship of bad luck game-someone is always worse off.  I suppose that's a good thing-really.

I shared a blue slushy with Casper.  At first he was put off by the icy texture and declined further sharing.  THEN the barn cat came up and had a bit and it was ON-the horse became a slushy drinking fool.  Give the golden boy his due-it takes skillz when your nose is larger that the diameter of the cup-and the cup is sitting in your blind spot.

The new kitties have reached the age when most kittens are taken to the pound.  I keep reminding myself this will pass soon enough.  Pumpkin and Luna have reached an accord.  Patches must keep testing limits.  Then he has to retest them to be certain.  Later on, he must return to the scene of whatever crime he committed and recommit to fully understand the impact of what he has done.  Either that-or he just likes to tease Luna.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks for Checking on Me Mim....

I'm trying not to perish in this heat.  Today it was 90 before 11, and it stayed in the 90s until after 9 am or so.  Sometimes it feels like I've done nothing but complain about the weather this year-whining about the cold, the ice, the floods and now the heat.

I haven't blogged much lately and I'm not sure why.  Maybe when I figure it out I can blog about it...ok that made me smile.

There are two new additions to report-Pumpkin and Patches are brother kittens.  Pumpkin is a fluffy yellow tiger, and Patches his brother, is a short haired yellow tiger with, you guessed it, patches of white.  They are brothers from the same litter, but it looks like they had different fathers or at least took after different sides of the family.  Pumpkin is laid back, fluffy and square, like a persian.  Patches is long and lean....but both have siamese voices.  Patches is the instigator and Pumpkin is the diplomat.  Luna is not sure what to think.

Oliver the parrot is delighted to supervise the kitty introductions.  He chatters and fusses and bosses them around.  If someone hisses, he says very sternly "QUIET" and if they move where he can't see them he hollers "Kitty Kitty KITTY-come here NOW"  The best news is the kittens are not at all freaked out by it-so that is one worry I can check off the list.

The kittens came from a friend on a message board-she hand raised the entire litter until the Mom tamed down enough to come in and help.  I had picked Pumpkin out before his eyes were open-but then decided I'd take the final two boys.  It turned out that they were Pumpkin and Patches-so I got Pumpkin anyway.  Everyone scooped up the cream colored and siamese marked siblings and left the two yellow boys.

People are CRAZY-because everyone knows that there is nothing on earth that is more snuggly than a fat ginger cat-and now I have two!  Ok they are smallish yet-but fat gingers they will be in no time at all.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Post

I am not sure that you can call this an update because I am pretty sure I will leave something out.  I'm still fiddling with anti depressant cocktails to get a good balance between somewhere between terribly anxious and I don't give a damn.  I'd also like to find a good point between total focus on one thing, and unable to focus on anything.  I don't ask for much.

Casper is doing well in horsey school and I am learning so much more than I could have imagined.  I really don't think a Great White Shark could have taught me any more about life and myself than my good old horse is teaching me.  Once I removed the blinder that "far away and exotic is better" my eyes have been opened to a whole panorama of things I've missed.  Click the red slippers-there's no place like home.

Oliver the Parrot and I are ready to take our next step too-we are looking for another grey who is older-perhaps one whose person died or had to go into a home.  He loves watching television, but he loves most of all to watch other grey's on You tube.  The other day we watched Alex the Parrot's last video.

Alex was very sad in this video-he'd been plucking feathers and kept asking to go back to his cage.  This upset me and it upset Oliver.  OTP was so upset he crawled up on my pillow and took a nap-something he never does-he just wanted to be close at that moment.

I've always felt like Alex' schedule was too much for one bird-Oliver needs lots of down time and alone time.  I also feel very strongly that each species, if they are social, needs one of their own to truly experience the fullness of understanding.  For instance, I wrapped myself up in a blanket the other day to experience Oliver without hands.  He picked up on it immediately and hopped over to examine my face without worrying about those arms and hands zooming in.  He seemed relieved.

Now, he likes my hands-he's learned to let me rub his neck and shoulders and feed him.  But I will never be able to preen him, or be just close to his own size.  It must be a little like living with a giant.  Ok, it must be EXACTLY like living with a giant.

So, I am going to find another grey and we'll see what happens.  It has to be older, a young one would outlive me by a long time.  Hopefully it's not damaged-but we'll see about that too.  I've thought it through, and the worst that could happen is that it will have to live at one end of the house and Oliver at the other.  But I am hoping something else happens-I'm just not sure what it will be.

I've made the acquaintance of a few potential friends, but they are a little on the young side.  We've got feelers out for just the right bird, and I know when the time is right it will join us.  After THAT-well I have no idea.