Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waving Hello

I seem to be very much in a transition of sorts and I'm trying to pay attention so I can get my lessons I need to get and move on.  I've recently started taking Ritalin (for adult ADD) so maybe that will help.  If nothing else-it makes for one funny paragraph.  Boy-that would suck if that's what your life ended up being-one funny paragraph!

Oh, I know, it could be worse, a 6 word tragedy.  SIGH.  I never seem to win in the one upmanship of bad luck game-someone is always worse off.  I suppose that's a good thing-really.

I shared a blue slushy with Casper.  At first he was put off by the icy texture and declined further sharing.  THEN the barn cat came up and had a bit and it was ON-the horse became a slushy drinking fool.  Give the golden boy his due-it takes skillz when your nose is larger that the diameter of the cup-and the cup is sitting in your blind spot.

The new kitties have reached the age when most kittens are taken to the pound.  I keep reminding myself this will pass soon enough.  Pumpkin and Luna have reached an accord.  Patches must keep testing limits.  Then he has to retest them to be certain.  Later on, he must return to the scene of whatever crime he committed and recommit to fully understand the impact of what he has done.  Either that-or he just likes to tease Luna.


soulbrush said...

thanks for the update, i like to know how you are. good luck on the ritalin, my son was on it for adhd when young, didn't work for him. hope it does for you. love the names of all your animals, everything from patches to pumpkin,caspar to luna. i absolutely completely believe that all of them keep you sane. i, on the other hand, am trying to manage off all drugs now and into health remedies....who knows...sigh! lotsa love to you today from me today.

Michele said...

Good to hear from you and hope your heat (and ours) passes soon. It's almost August so Fall has to join us soon right? Stay cool and post when you can : )

趙吳維倫彥廷 said...


Robin said...

I am late checking in.....first I must say the vision of you and Casper and the Barnkitty sharing the blue slushie made me smile.....I can really see it.

The kittens WIll (eventually) calm down.... they must be adorable!

I think of you and all that you carry emotionally.....I am carrying a lot these days too...and am doing it without counseling or "drugs"....(out of work - so no health insurance"...)

It ISN'T EASY...that's for sure...but I feel good about the progress you are making.... and your Animal-Kids are really the best therapy!

Hugs and Strength from,

♥ Robin ♥