Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BOO Animal Planet

After advertising for two weeks about "Shark Night" all Animal Planet did was recycle some reruns from Shark Week, and not even the best ones-the really lame awful ones.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Naming of the Hound

Cypress, the adopted Greyhound, is now Ady Bea.  I hope to get marvelous pictures of her on Tuesday-hopefully one of her racing across the enclosed paddock.

Casper is getting his teeth floated and his sheath cleaned.  Gotta keep those weiners washed don't ya know.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Release the Hounds!

I worked with Fasthound , a greyhound rescue group today at an adoption event at Petco.  I have always enjoyed seeing these groups at the pet stores, and it was nice to be able to have an excuse to sit and cuddle such interesting dogs for a few hours.

Cypress, one of the dogs on the adoption page is now at her forever home at my friend Shelly's.  She is a gorgeous, gentle lady like creature -Cypress, not Shelly.  Ok, Shelly is nice too, but I was talking about the dog.  Oi.

Grey's don't need tons of exercise, even though they are big dogs.  They are sprinters, not marathon runners.  Their ears are soft as the finest silk, and I'm sure rubbing their ears and lean bodies has healing qualities.  My hands did not stay still the entire time, I was too busy stroking dogs and playing with ears.

I couldn't help but think of Mim's Mom and how nice that would have been for her, so I did sent a prayer that she would find her dog soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Singing Horses

Click on the Singing horses one at a time to make each one sing.  Click on the same horse again to make it not sing.  It's strangely soothing to play with the sounds, combining, deconstructing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on Grief

Something happened the other day in the grocery store that go me to thinking a bit. I was walking down the water/soda aisle, and my eyes clouded a bit when I saw the little pony cans of diet coke. Uncle John loved those little cans-just the right size.

Anyway, I first felt bad because no one else in the entire world would tear up at pony coke cans. Then I realized how special that was, that was one special thing (me buying coke for him) that he and I alone shared. I reckon there is shared grief, and then there is private grief.

Then I worked out that private grief IS a form of shared grief, because we all have it when we lose someone. So it IS something that other people can share and relate too. They might not get the teary eyes/diet coke connection, but the sense of loss is pretty common.

Grief is one of those slippery public/private things. Just like love.


Finally, one of those cool reunion things happened to me. I am going to meet an old highschool friend on Friday. We are going to walk dogs at a local park. She lives not too far from me.

It's one of those scarey/fun things that are a part of modern life. She has sisters and has lived here all her life, so she's more accustomed to seeing people age than I am. It's still a shocking thing for me-hell, I can't get used to ME getting older, let alone anyone else.

But, I'm excited. We've already enjoyed comparing and contrasting lives, and we've done it in just that way, neither trying to one up the other one. Just like old times. We always enjoyed each others differences and people thought we made strange friends. I'm really looking forward to Friday.

I'm taking Molly and Moon with me. She recently lost her dog so I offered to bring an extra so she'd have one to walk. The world is a strange and magical place, and often gives us exactly what we need in ways we never expect.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In Oklahoma, the goats dress better than I do.

Things I can do the others can't.

1. TALK (well, that woman talks but she can't make good sounds like me)
2. FLY
3. Get into the trash can.....oh, the Prissy hates it that I can and she can't. The woman bought a
fancy shiny one with a lid-doesn't she know it's begging me to crack it open?
4.Sing opera (the woman should quit trying)
5.Climb on my cage
6. Get into the cabinets (the woman does that too)

Things the others do that I can do too.

1. Bark....big deal
2. Meow....super big whoppeeee
3. Fart (not saying who else does that)
4. Belch (again....not saying)
5. Scratch my head with my foot (I'd like to see the woman or the snakes try that one...heh heh heh)
6. Shed or molt (the woman doesn't seem to do much of that)
7. Sit in the living room on the furniture (the woman wanted an H in Sit, but I declined-how crude)

The yellow scruffy dog and I will no longer share a name. The woman was hollering at him, and then apologizing to me when I got upset. She finally heard what I was telling her. She said, "No, Oliver is not a bad bird. Oliver is a good bird. I was yelling at Oliver the dog" and I told HER..."No, NO, Bad Slim....SLIM" and you could see the light go on in her little human brain.

It only took her a year to realize what I've been telling her all along-that creatures name is SLIM. Problem solved, thank you very much, MISTER BIRD!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow, scarey

It scares me that I actually wrote and sent this to a friend just a minute ago (talking about a horse show I want to attend).

I doubt I'll go to the Saturday classes because Molly has her first lesson that day, but I'm definitely going out to watch the driving classes. I still am kind of interested in doing that, but want to see it in practice. I've driven before, but it was very very very calm, practically comatose draft horses and the guy was right beside me.

However, I've decided I'll be happier if I embrace those things that interest me that don't necessarily have a practical application. (Yeah, I know, some people call that fun).

I wasn't always this way....LOL.

Who stuck that stick up my ass and how do I get it out?

Cactus Monday!

I'm trying to be more creative. My triangle coyote looks like it's blowing bubbles (I was thinking stars, Van Gogh....oh well).

This is a paper towel roll, not a bog roll. I do have SOME class.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

I would never

I would never post a picture of Oliver that wasn't flattering on Animal Wednesday. It wouldn't be right.

But as a public service, ALL celebrities should be seen sometimes as they really are. Let's face it, molting happens.

And when molting happens, sometimes those bald spots occur.

But, what's a bald spot compared to killer eyes?

Oh yes, Oliver, you still have star power.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rocks-a heavy subject

I'm replenishing and weeding my rock garden. I haven't kept records, but honestly, I think the rock garden is harder work to maintain than the regular garden. I've given up on the no chemical weed control and am apply salt now to keep it down, but that still means a lot of hand pulling.

But, it's fun in a weird sort of way. Like one of those desk zen gardens. I pull weeds, then rearrange my goofy garden statues. A doll house for adults.

Next week the pergola/deck is going up in the front yard. I am embracing the latino culture of entertaining in the front yard rather than the back yard. I've always liked the idea, and I'm taking action. I have no real clue who I'll be entertaining, just a vague notion I'd like a place to sit out front with some chairs.

I'm hoping for some leftovers of deck stain-I want to stain the back fence to match the front deck. Well, I'll stain it to match regardless, but I didn't want to buy tons of stain and I have no idea how much I really need. 5 gallons is a start.

Ever since I read the fence painting scene in Tom Sawyer I've always wanted to paint a fence. So, I'm going to do it. The things that give me the most joy lately are silly things like fence painting that I never got around to doing before because I was pursuing loftier goals. I'm sure it's a midlife thing, along with snakes and parrots and horses.

Friday, March 20, 2009

You Never Know

From our buddy Jim Wakeland in Texas. I was going to wait till next Wednesday, but why wait? You just never know when someone might really need to see a squirrel.

Whoops, wrong critter. That was the porcupine. Here is the squirrel. I left the porky too-you just never know when someone might really need to see a porcupine.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naming the Fear, Naming the Joy

Recent focus on Prissy has forced me to realize something I haven't wanted to acknowledge-she's no longer a baby. Moreover, she's 5, and Dottie was the only dog in this line that lived past 6. The difference between Prissy and Greta is startling when you realize they are only a few months apart in age, and Greta has had a rougher first year than Prissy or most dogs.

So yes, Prissy is slowing down, and maybe that's why Lily was attacking. Or maybe it had nothing to do with it, but the fact is, she's slowing down and I am going to have to watch another thing I love fade and die.

Yet, when I apply my test to it "would I change it if I could"....meaning would I chose never to know Prissy if I could avoid the pain of loss, no, I wouldn't even consider it. We are curled up in the daybed with the cat, her chin resting on my leg like Dottie's did before her. I can't imagine how awful and empty it would feel to have never known this feeling.

The cat is chewing my hair and kneading my neck, like she's done for 14 years or so. How can people survive this world not having that kind of kinship?

As a child, I used to pretend I was trapped on a tropical island with all my many animals. In addition to dogs, and cats, I had horses, zebras, wolves, lions (Born Free was big when I was a kid). Each animal got along with the others, and each was loyal and devoted to me. How we all managed to eat without eating each other was a detail that I never got around to considering.

As an adult, I have created a version of that. (Carnivores eat from the freezer or kibble, and that's how THAT question was answered). And, watching Prissy fade is the grown up version of what happens when you have and love a lot of animals. But, how many people get to lie in daybed and realize they made a childhood dream come true.

Why clutter up the realization with "should have worked harder on career, etc."? In the end, we get what we choose, not what we want or think we should want. In the end, it's the choices we make that lead us to where we are.

I am glad I've realized who was in control before it was too late to consider choices. And, like Prissy, I'm no longer a baby either, and I thank my lucky stars that I've come to THAT realization before it's too late as well.

Middle age-love it, hate it. Whoever said teens have a lock on the angst market was a fool.

Sharing the Wealth of Spring

I made my first pair of cut off shorts for spring and decided to share the wealth. I made two tug toys from the legs and let Oliver the parrot make first choice. I took the remaining tug out to the dogs, who received this new treasure with abundant joy. Denim, fresh off the leg, is always prime cut.

Moon is the only dog who vaguely understands the rules of fetch. He uses this to his advantage. When another dog, who doesn't know the rules gets the toy, Moon waits till the dog lays down for a chew, then self righteously snatches it and brings it back to me to continue the game. This is a kind of recycled version of fetch with a recycled toy. How green of us!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

La La La...It's HAW day

Hah hah hah, La la la.....I've been remembering some of the things I've forgotten to say lately, and saying them all day long. Like (fart noise) (fart noise) (fart noise) bubble noise.........When I did that combo the woman shouted OH GOOD LORD!!!! Oh, that was so funny. Yes yes yes.

The parakeets have gotten very cheeky lately-so I started shouting NO NO BAD DOGS at them. For some reason, the woman thinks that was funny too. She has the strangest sense of humor. She put an almond in my bowl-I thought it was a peanut and spat it right out.....Hmph. NO NO NO. Peanuts.

The Prissy has been in the house a lot this week and I have to announce her comings and goings too. Today she startled me and I jumped and shouted AAAAAAAAAAAAH It's PRISSSY!!!!!! Then we all laughed-I think Prissy laughed, with her it's hard to tell. I think I confuse her.

The Prissy was walking funny for a day or two and the woman told me to be nice to her. She's not walking AS funny, so I suppose this means I don't have to be AS nice.

The kitty kitty kitty and I sat and watched the blue screen with the woman. I fell asleep on the arm of the chair-if it isn't opera I'm not all that interested. The kitty kitty kitty fell asleep too.

The Molly walked through on the way to the truck to get her shot. Well, the woman said it was the Molly, but it seemed bigger than I remembered. I'll have to keep an eye on that one, I don't want to have it get out of hand like the Moonie did. He's gotten so big he doesn't listen to me anymore when I tell him "QUIET MOONIE, NO BARKING!!!!" Then he gets put in his crate sometimes. I bet he wishes then he'd listened, although he always takes a nap, so maybe that's what he wanted to do anyway.

Who cares? Not ME, Not MISTER BIRD MISTER BIRD MISTER BIRD~~~lucky for all these creatures I'm on the job!


Monday, March 16, 2009


C aptivating
A lluring
C olorful
T enactious
U nspoiled
S tately

Happy Cactus Monday

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I liked this one too

And this one...Molly is an old soul, like Oliver the dog.

And this one. But the one I used didn't need editing, so I deemed it the "best".

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Earthquake on Sunday, Snow on Thursday

Yes, I finally felt my first earthquake. It was just a small shock, but I was awake, I knew what it was, there was no maybe about it. Another thing off the bucket list.

The snow is just a dusting-it's not really warm enough to stick, and I am glad. We need the moisture, and I am always glad for a curl up and cuddle day.

Earthquake on Sunday, two dog tragedy on Monday, snow on Thursday. Lily is dead. Prissy is recovering and I really don't want to talk about it. Sometimes things just get bad so quickly and so fast that sharing it when it's over doesn't seem right. Yet, this space has come to be a "sharing" space. Maybe this is just one of those things that takes awhile to unfold-the silver lining doesn't always leap out at first glance.

Yet, me, being me, I always believe it's there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 things I've done in my life

1. Touched an Orangutan on the hand.
2. Stroked the hand of a loved one who had just died.
3. Held a 10 foot snake.
4. Petted a shark.
5. Touched a ray as it swam buy.
6. Played with the ears of a zillion dogs.
7. Had mud bathes in spas and in my aunt's pond.
8. Walked on the beach barefoot in a skirt.
9. Nibbled a baby's foot.
10. Removed a few thousand prickly pear spines from my hands and arm.

Lordy Lordy LORD!!! It's Animal Wednesday!

How COULD that woman have forgetten? Bad bad bad bad! Ha ha haaaaa-I reminded her.

I have almost finished molting-eeew, pinfeathers. I looked like a dusty old mop for several weeks, but now I am BEAUTIFUL. Oh yes, yeeeeees! I've made up a new dance for the top of my cage to show off my new plumage to the utmost. Yes, it's true-you don't get older, you just get better and better!

The woman says a Macaw has moved in down the street. Good LORD! There goes the neighborhood.

HAW ya'll.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Orient Express-Stateroom 32

I spend most of my time here, although I am free to move about the entire train. I suppose it's because I died here. Once you are dead, you have to start again, and I just can't seem to get moving beyond these walls.

I like it best when the train is moving. The click clack of the rails is the most comforting sound. I lie back on the top bunk and think about what I would do if I could only get off this train. The sights I planned to see. All the changes that have happened since I entered this room for the last time.

I am not the only one of my kind on this train, but we all keep pretty much to ourselves, staying near where we left your world an entered this one. I'm afraid that if I get off this train, I might disappear entirely. Yet, few people know I'm here, so in a sense, I already have.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ahhhhhh, It's Animal Wednesday!

Mr. Bird, Mr. Bird, Mr. Bird......Misssssssssster BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRD, Lordy Lordy Lordy Lordy.....I can sing my praises all day long (and I do).

I don't get the human fascination with depression. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT let me finish. HAW!!! When I get sad, I take a nap, then I wake up and sing my brains out. Everything I know, everything I think, Lordy Lordy Lordy rolls right off my tongue. LaLaLaLa......You human folk spend so much time worrying about what if you completely lose the glorious nowness of it all.

Try singing your name (or your pet name for yourself is even better) as many ways as you can think of. Ok, while you sing your name, I'll sing MINE....Mr. Bird, Mister Mister Bird, Mister Bird Bird Bird Birdy Mister Bird!

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel great! If singing your own name didn't work, try singing MY name-Mister Bird......HAW!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Sticky Subject

Jim Wakeland took this picture on Monday, and I couldn't wait till NEXT Monday, and it's not really a cactus anyone. I've never seen a live porcupine in the wild. I guess I could have waited till Wednesday for Animal Wednesday, but Oliver does not like to share.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Roll out the barrel

Barrel Cactus, South Central Texas, courtesy of Jim Wakeland.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This time Lord, you gave me a mountain....

I took most of the dogs (and all the young ones) out to the dirt pile when it arrived. It was an easy way to introduce a new surface and a new experience without going very far to look for one. Moon was the only one who made it to the top.