Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rocks-a heavy subject

I'm replenishing and weeding my rock garden. I haven't kept records, but honestly, I think the rock garden is harder work to maintain than the regular garden. I've given up on the no chemical weed control and am apply salt now to keep it down, but that still means a lot of hand pulling.

But, it's fun in a weird sort of way. Like one of those desk zen gardens. I pull weeds, then rearrange my goofy garden statues. A doll house for adults.

Next week the pergola/deck is going up in the front yard. I am embracing the latino culture of entertaining in the front yard rather than the back yard. I've always liked the idea, and I'm taking action. I have no real clue who I'll be entertaining, just a vague notion I'd like a place to sit out front with some chairs.

I'm hoping for some leftovers of deck stain-I want to stain the back fence to match the front deck. Well, I'll stain it to match regardless, but I didn't want to buy tons of stain and I have no idea how much I really need. 5 gallons is a start.

Ever since I read the fence painting scene in Tom Sawyer I've always wanted to paint a fence. So, I'm going to do it. The things that give me the most joy lately are silly things like fence painting that I never got around to doing before because I was pursuing loftier goals. I'm sure it's a midlife thing, along with snakes and parrots and horses.


soulbrush said...

reminds me of the karate kid.... and his fence. i'd definitely come and vivit you in the front or back or side yard!

kj said...

hey, debra kay, i painted my fence and loved doing it! it's so concrete and the results are obvious. as for your zennie garden, i love your description. then again, i often love your descriptions.

my plan to stay away from depression is to keep busy--projects, gardening, writing, blogging, maybe even drawing. i think it's a good plan.


studio lolo said...

Rock gardens, fence painting, time with animals...all sounds like GREAT therapy to me ;)

I'd totally sit in the front yard with you!
It's funny, when we finally hit the road later this year driving cross-country, I was thinking of who I could stop and meet along the way. It wouldn't be practical but it's a nice thought.