Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lordy Lordy LORD!!! It's Animal Wednesday!

How COULD that woman have forgetten? Bad bad bad bad! Ha ha haaaaa-I reminded her.

I have almost finished molting-eeew, pinfeathers. I looked like a dusty old mop for several weeks, but now I am BEAUTIFUL. Oh yes, yeeeeees! I've made up a new dance for the top of my cage to show off my new plumage to the utmost. Yes, it's true-you don't get older, you just get better and better!

The woman says a Macaw has moved in down the street. Good LORD! There goes the neighborhood.

HAW ya'll.


studio lolo said...

A Macaw!!!???? Holy Bigbird Oliver, that means you'll just have to outSCREEEEECH him!!!!

Please ask your human to show your beautiful new molted self ;)


Debra Kay said...

I don't really ask for things-but I shall give the order. And Just say YES to NO MACAWS! The woman saw the Macaw out on his person's shoulder today-in about 40 degree weather...too much of that and there will be no more Macaw to worry about.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver, I bet you are more handsome than any ole macaw. I do hope the woman shows us your new plummage. HAW to both of you.

studio lolo said...

Oliver you may want to rescue the macaw from the stupid human :P

I had a client once who had 2 macaws and one was a real s.o.b., anyway he also had this wonderful harlequin Great Dane (a very big slim)and he used to leave them all in the cold garage with the windows covered. They are tropical birds NIMWIT!!!! That's what I said to him. He really neglected the dog by keeping him in a small pen until he got pressure sores so he eventually put him down. I reported him about the birds and he never knew it.
HAW to him, right??!! Bugger.

Debra Kay said...

NONONO-I don't want no more stinkin birds.....errr, I am the only worthy parrot. I tolerate the parakeets because they think I'm some big super bird...hahahahahahaaaaaaaa.

Some of our slims seem to be getting much bigger than the others. I wonder if they are eating all the food and the little ones are not growing. BAD BAD BAD slims. If one tried to get my craps, I'd bite it on the nose....heh heh heh.....

The woman told me to be nice to the Molly-slim. She said it was a puppy. So, is it a puppy or a slim or a Molly? Who cares. It was respectful of my majesty, so I allowed it to sniff me.

Nimwit is a good word....I like that word a lot.

Mim said...

Ollie, ollie, ollie - I wondered where you were on Wednesday. So you were off molting and sniffing slims eh? Good for you, you must be so beautiful now - a VIDEO would be great and here's a secret...the human knows how to do video's for AW!!!!!

HAW your majestyness Ollie