Wednesday, March 18, 2009

La La La...It's HAW day

Hah hah hah, La la la.....I've been remembering some of the things I've forgotten to say lately, and saying them all day long. Like (fart noise) (fart noise) (fart noise) bubble noise.........When I did that combo the woman shouted OH GOOD LORD!!!! Oh, that was so funny. Yes yes yes.

The parakeets have gotten very cheeky lately-so I started shouting NO NO BAD DOGS at them. For some reason, the woman thinks that was funny too. She has the strangest sense of humor. She put an almond in my bowl-I thought it was a peanut and spat it right out.....Hmph. NO NO NO. Peanuts.

The Prissy has been in the house a lot this week and I have to announce her comings and goings too. Today she startled me and I jumped and shouted AAAAAAAAAAAAH It's PRISSSY!!!!!! Then we all laughed-I think Prissy laughed, with her it's hard to tell. I think I confuse her.

The Prissy was walking funny for a day or two and the woman told me to be nice to her. She's not walking AS funny, so I suppose this means I don't have to be AS nice.

The kitty kitty kitty and I sat and watched the blue screen with the woman. I fell asleep on the arm of the chair-if it isn't opera I'm not all that interested. The kitty kitty kitty fell asleep too.

The Molly walked through on the way to the truck to get her shot. Well, the woman said it was the Molly, but it seemed bigger than I remembered. I'll have to keep an eye on that one, I don't want to have it get out of hand like the Moonie did. He's gotten so big he doesn't listen to me anymore when I tell him "QUIET MOONIE, NO BARKING!!!!" Then he gets put in his crate sometimes. I bet he wishes then he'd listened, although he always takes a nap, so maybe that's what he wanted to do anyway.

Who cares? Not ME, Not MISTER BIRD MISTER BIRD MISTER BIRD~~~lucky for all these creatures I'm on the job!



Debra Kay said...

Today Oliver seems to think he's a cat-he's been meowing allllllllllll dayyyyyyyy long. I gave him a new set of baby car keys (plastic teething keys) so he's very full of himself right now.

Mim said...

Oliver knows who's boss and he knows that it's his place to watch out (in his own way) over ALL the animals around him. He (and his alter ego) is a sweetie.

soulbrush said...

can you please learn to say 'i love you joss' oliver? cos i love ya too mr O. the thought of you sleeping through some boring telly is so funny, i can't stop two three....'i love you joss!' HAW to the human too.

Debra Kay said...

I love you joss.....Oliver the parrot.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Haw to you Oliver. You do have a difficult job keeping an eye on the menagerie for the woman. It is good that you don't mind that job.

Debra Kay said...

AAAAAAK-the PRISSY growled at me! I laughed in her face hahhahhhaaahaaaaaaaaa! Then I meowed at her. She left, because I clearly can make more sounds than she can. HAW!

studio lolo said...

Okay, I'm confused at who the Prissy is??

Oliver, I want to visit you! I could teach you some funny words so you could make your woman laugh every day.
Oh right, you already do!!

HAW...a day late!

studio lolo said... terrible mistake. I thought we had also lost Prissy in the tragedy. Whew!

Oliver, BE NICE to Prissy please??

Debra Kay said...

HAW-I got right down on the floor and stared the Prissy DOWN tonight. I was going to click my beak at her, but the woman said "be nice" and I didn't click. The Prissy is always walking on my floor, and I never go there, but now that she does I feel compelled to.

The Prissy has big ears, and I'd really really like to bite one. The Molly's ears flop-they are tempting too, but she's bigger than me. If the Prissy steps ONE STEP out of line, I'm gonna get me a snack.