Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 6 and 7 of 21 Feb

I had a weird victory.  I did not do yoga last night-because I had a 5 hour flyball practice and helped push a car out of the snow.  I was tired.  For ME-realizing that the needs of the body outweigh the needs of a "perfect" 21 days is huge-and  I was rewarded by being able to walk again today.

Sometimes I get so task oriented I forget to see the bigger picture-the goal is not 21 perfect days-it's flexible joints.  Popped out tendons aren't very flexible.  Wow-in 7 million years I might even evolve a brain.

Cutting back on dairy means I have to be more careful with acidy stuff like tomatoes.  That is a pretty boring thing to note-but it does make me realize how much everything is really connected.  One change here-makes another one over there.  The up side is-I taste certain flavors more intensely now.  Cilantro-always nice-is now heavenly.  For some odd reason-I like lemon a LOT.

The Yoga helped with last week's snow bound experience-with more snow on the way.  Yippee skippy-but I can walk and my toilet works and life is good!

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