Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Groin Groin Groin!

For weeks I wasn't even sure women had groins, but we do and mine hurts.  Back is pretty much unspasmed and decompressed.  Hip-check, back on line.  Groin, not so much.

I am having a terrible time being compliant with the non lifting.  I actually enjoy the stretches I do-I've always liked stretching-you don't get sweaty and it feels good.  I've had numerous laproscopic belly surgeries, and never busted a stitch or a hernia because I didn't lift anything over 5 pounds first week, 10 pounds for several weeks after.  I'm good at following simple directions.  Until now.

For one thing, I don't have the threat, even imagined, of guts flying eveywhere if I don't comply.  Two, I've already been confined for a little over a month.  Three, unlike belly surgery which hurts pretty much all the time, then fades, the quits and viola-you can lift again-THIS little jewel doesn't hurt until YOU lift.  It's sneaky.  SNEAKY I tell you.

The way the muscle works is pretty standard.  For the first couple of weeks my leg had to stay straight.  I sleep on my back with my legs twined and crossed the way most legs would never go-so this was very hard for me.  Crossing my legs again was quite relief.

I've walked out the walking muscles-I can stay up to do pretty much any household chore and can string together several now.  I can go to the grocery.  Carrying them in is where the trouble starts.  The last 40 pound bag of dog food put me on my back for two days.

So, I am declaring a lifting hiatus of one week starting today-which is really tomorrow for me cause I'm writing this on Tuesday but I've already lifted something I shouldn't have.  And it was sneaky-because I didn't know it was heavy.

Part of my declutter project involves lots and lots of paper-paper is heavy.  BUT, tadaaa-I could just put the stuff I want to throw out in bags, and deal with the bags later.  Some day I'll be able to carry out a lot of bags and wow, won't that be great?  Can you tell I'm really trying hard to work within the boundaries my body has set for me?

For the clutter issue-this may actually be good-instead of doing it the way I think it should be done or not at all-I am doing it any way I can.  If I try really hard, I could even generate the same enthusiasm I did for building the makeshift toilet.

A note about that for future reference.  I started with a bag lined box-because the box was narrower than the bucket and I didn't have to spread my legs as far-this was back in the days described above.  For some reason-it had to have a bag and it had to have a receptacle.  As I dismantled and cleaned, I realized-had I just used a bag, I wouldn't have had to spread my poor legs much at all.  So much for thinking outside the BOX...........ok, that makes me laugh out loud!  (sorry if that was too much KJ-it makes me giggle too much to delete it)



soulbrush said...

jeeesus deb, you have to have to be kind to your body, while not letting that active mind go crazy, think outside and inside and under every box you see. pleeeeeeese.

Mim said...

Priss looks like she's just putting up with it all!
Take care deb

Susan said...

Hi Debra, I just joined animal wednesday and am visiting - so sorry you've got so much to deal with, I hope ya feel better really soon - take care of yourself! Priss is adorable! Susan

kj said...

you! you know i love you and of course it was too much! i winced!
i skimmed. i can just see you laughing outloud right now thinking of the look on my prim and prissy face. :)

n0 lifting 40 pound bags. No! no! not next week either. not even 20 pound bags.

i am sending the kid next door to come and help you with the grunt work. it's the least i can do for a good friend.

Debra Kay said...

LOL=Kids make me wince.

When it warms up today's activity will be walking and gentle bending. I can accomplish this by running poop patrol in the backyard. Snow is forecast tomorrow night and Friday.

I am trying not to be dismayed.

soulbrush said...

i got your two postcards today and feel humbled, while you are feeling so shitty, you think of me, while all i do is moan lately.thank you so much i love them both!! are you reading this while resting? we want your 'g string' area to heal before you go diving with those great whites.

Michele said...

It's really difficult to avoid lifting stuff. When I had that surgery a few weeks ago I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavy for two weeks and I found it really hard to not do it. There were days I just say, screw it, I'm picking up this chair or whatever it was. hand in there and curl up with the animals as much as you can.