Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big 50

First I have to acknowledge it-then I've got to figure out what it all means.  Hah-that would take another 50 years.

My plan for some time was to cage dive with a Great White Shark ON my birthday.  Now, I'm not so sure.  It's not a fear thing-it's a dollar thing.  The dive at the Farallons-where the big pregnant girls are-would be cold as all get out.  I cannot convey with words how much I loathe being cold.

Guadalupe is a week long event.  Cool, yes, expensive, OH MY.  No one I know would get in the water with me, and no one I know would actual go on the boat, so I am not sure that bobbing around the ocean with strangers is how I want to celebrate my 50th-and the sharks are the males who are smaller and inferior.

Lately I've figured out dreams don't always work out-we know I'm slow.  So, I've been amusing myself with alternative celebrations and combinations.  I could go on a topside voyage to the Farallons  and watch the sharks swim around other people while I wore a coat and took pictures.  If I did that-I could also take a decent road trip this summer WITH my border collies.  I have friends who have expressed interest in part of the trip.

At the time the shark dream started, tourism hadn't happened, and people rarely saw them.  It was the rare factor.  Now anyone with a plane ticket and 400 bucks can see one.  Lots of people do-it's still not common perhaps, but not RARE.

On the other hand, seeing prairies and mountains and sheep and bison and all manner of things through the eyes of Moon, Molly and Solo-that can only be accomplished by me.  And even if I share it with pictures and words, it is still implied that I did it-ME. 

I've never thought in terms of a birthday being about me before.  I told you I was slow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well, maybe you shouldn't give up the dream of swimming with sharks. Just do it when it is more convient and warmer. When do you turn 50? Something fun to look forward to.

studio lolo said...

Australia waters are always warm and they have a buttload of sharks there!!

I still want to know the actual day even though you won't open anything until long after your birthday ;)
Do I have to go into your archives?


Debra Kay said...

This year its Wednesday..LOL-I crack me up. November 17.

I had an Australian dream too-I wanted to see the Australia Zoo, and the dingos, and tour the ranches-their border collies and ACD's are very different-bigger boned, etc. I'd love to seem them on stock.

I'd also want to see Perth and
New Zealand-I'd run out of money long before I ran out of things I wanted to do

The reality for me is it costs me about a 1,000 a week just to be away from home right now-no plane fair, not hotel-just boarding.

I factored this in when I got the border collies (hah, that worked out into a funny) but the other reality is with my folks, being away for weeks is not a good idea either.

This is going to sound horrid, but it's really not-it's realistic. Solo is my last pup, and is time takes it's toll by the time I'm able to travel again, I will probably not have that many dogs. THIS was the window of my life where I could enjoy the pack.

All the young dogs love the car, etc. and the border collies HAVE to travel well because I plan to trial with them.

Now, mind you I've never had a professional life's work plan-but for my dogs-yeah, I have a plan. I have priorities.

Michele said...

Technically you have swam with a shark ... remember the time we were in Mexico and they announced that people could swim with that nurse shark so you and I jumped in the water no questions asked and when we turned around, about 50 people were standing on the dock stairing at us like we were a train wreck? Does that count? : )

Debra Kay said...

A nurse shark doesn't really bite-oh, they have teeth and they will bite and hold on, but unless you drown, they don't really think about killing you too much.

The Great WHITE-now that's a shark!

Debra Kay said...

But I do have to admit-that nurse shark was much bigger than what I had envisioned when they announced it....it WAS quite large.