Sunday, January 24, 2010

All about ME ME ME

It's been an updown month-and the ups and the downs are pretty close together sometimes.

I'm working on a hoarding/decluttering issue to get more organized, and it's one of those things you have to  work through and experience-not necessarily write about in the moment.  In the midst of this has come a couple of medical emergencies on my father's part, which then requires a little more family time because it shakes Mom up too.  The good news is I am able to help out without ending up in the fetal position myself.  As near as I can tell, that is because I'm not willing to own anyone else's stress-it interferes with me getting to my own issues.

The dogs are doing great-Solo has his big boy voice now-however his "boys" haven't made an appearance yet.  I honestly don't know when that is supposed to happen, I think it's a range thing.  I'm in no hurry, he's already large for his breed, so early neutering won't be an option. .....BIG DRAMATIC SIGH......An intact dog creates all kinds of mayhem for the pack, but I'm going to deal with it.  I knew when I bought him things like joints and growth plates were going to take a little extra care-and he's so worth it!

Oliver managed to get caught in a toy again, resulting in a squawk and a daring rescue.  He's had two baths and several papadums today-so he's over it.

All right, so this was very little about me (Deb).  I'm going to Texas in March for a week of friends/fun and then a weekend in Boston in April for a weekend of the same.

I'm working on good nutrition and my brain appears to be working better and sometimes I hit that magical state of "flow" where time stops and work is smooth-I love that and have missed it over the past year.

None of this makes very good blog fodder-BAH.


Mim said...

it makes excellent blog fodder! you sound calm and centered - good! Can't wait till the end of April!!

kj said...

flow: one of my favorite words, and favorite states.

you sound great, debra kay. makes me smile happy...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you and the critters are doing well Deb. Hang in there.

studio lolo said...

it's excellent blog fodder because now I feel caught up. I also appreciated the catching up email which I haven't responded to yet.
April is the proverbial carrot for a few of us here :)
What fun that will be!

Hmmm, Solo's 'boys' haven't dropped yet? That's odd for both of them to be retained. I hope they make an appearance soon so the surgery can stay simple ;P

You sound good. I'm happy now!

soulbrush said...

yup good fodder for me, thanks for update, enjoy your break and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the family stuff once more.

Michele said...

I'm doing the same declutter exercise in my house right now. It really is a wonderful feeling. I'm taking one "corner" at a time and just working my way through the entire house.