Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I post pictures from the ER on facebook I"m probably not dying...

I posted some pictures from the ER on facebook Monday cause I was bored.  I was being held for observation having taken an unfortunate tumble from my rather tall horse.  I was saved by my trusty ass, but it knocked the wind out of me, I didn't remember falling, so off to the ER I go, high ho high ho.

On the way the attendent thought I might be babbling cause I said "Oh shit, my moon is in the car!" but I was able to explain that moon was a border collie and he was supposed to be in the car.  I didn't want to talk about it any more when he said "why would you take your dog to the stable?

Now here is the interesting part-they took me to "Presbyterian" which I thought strange since I thought it had closed but what do I know?  I've been hit on the head.

When  got there, all the tags said OU health sciences center.  So I asked-"Are you sure this is Presbyterian?  "yes ma'am"....OK then that's where I shall tell people I am.  Called Mom.  Called Bill to tell Mom and Dad NOT to come up there-I was either broke and in for a day or two or would walk out shortly.  Called the vet to check on Prissy, who had her own ED visit that morning-sigh-story of my life.

Over the next few hours we worked out that Presbyterian had closed, but purchased and operated OU health sciences center and they didn't know what they were going to do with signage.  We got a back up plan for getting the dogs out of the car, but I was able to take a cab back, drive home and the dogs behaved like champs-good dogs Moon and Molly.

Prissy is doing better, but what we thought was wrong with her wasn't-so her annual trips to the ED are still cause unknown and will likely continue to occur until she doesn't come home one day.

Tuesday I was able to go out and stock up for today's ice storm-my ankle is saying it's not going to be that bad, but I have many drugs on board cause on Wednesday I woke up with the flu.  Yeah, I've had both seasonal and swine shots, but Daddy managed to get something in the hospital last week (causing ED visit on Saturday) so I just chalk it up to being around sick people.

I would not wish a high fever/muscle aches coughing on top of an horribly sore hip and leg from horse falling on anyone.  Yesterday I was a sweaty pile of misery.  Today I'm just a sore pile of semi misery-but really would like the power to stay on.  If it doesn't I have a plan for both houses, so we're good, but shit fire, enough already.

BTW-my horse was not at fault-he did what I told him to do, long story, and I didn't stay on so the drama was all me.  As soon as I kissed dirt, he stopped and looked around like-Uh, that's not where you are supposed to be.  I love that horse!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

OH Deb what high drama. So glad to hear there are no broken bones. I can't imagine falling from a horse since I was shaken when I just ended up on my duff. Take care, drink plenty of fluids. Big hugs and healing thoughts coming your way.

Marion said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry you caught that awful bug! I am only just over it; Graham's turned into bronchial pneumonia and he's still sick. Did you get the extreme tiredness as well?

This super flu (I got both shots, as well) on top of the aches associated with falling off a horse is really too bad. You have my complete and utter sympathies!

I've sent off the craft box to should receive it any day now. Perhaps it will keep you occupied during your recovery.

Keep warm, drink lots of fluids and sleep, sleep, sleep, my dear!

soulbrush said...

'lordy miss claudie, i do declare you have concussion'.

studio lolo said...

jeez Louise deb, I'm so glad it wasn't worse. Sounds like a pretty miserable time anyway though.

Big hugs. That's all I've got ;)

Mim said...

Efficient of you to get all the tough stuff over with at once, much easier in the long run.
Be well Debs - hope the storm isn't too bad

Debra Kay said...

I just want the power to stay on. If that will happen, I will not complain about the weather. It actually buys me time at home without prying eyes-I'm not dying by a long shot-but I am pretty stove up and it's upsetting to the old folks.

Deja Vu-I went overnight with broken arm because I didn't want to tell Mom I'd broken it. (no bones are broken this time-just my finger it it was broken before I fell)