Monday, January 11, 2010

Cactus Monday-Lightning


Mim said...

interesting, love the colors

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is very interesting. How did you do it?

Debra Kay said...

It's another finger scribble in photoshop-but this time I didn't use layers. and merge it down at the end. Using layers or not using layers makes you think about building the picture in two different ways.

Ok-technically, I suppose I DID use layers because at time I layered color on top of another color-but I didn't use the layer function in photo shop.

The biggest difference is that the only thing that controlled intensity was finger pressure and the number of passes I made with the pencil. When you use layers-you can alter the intensity of the layer itself, then merge it down. Two ways to get to the same place.

soulbrush said...

i was also gonna ask how? glad i didn't cos the explanation is like greek to me. hcm fellow cactuteer.

Renee said...

I like it even though I totally don't get you guys with this cactus thing.


deepazartz said...

Cool! Photoshop...I love it!
Illustrator too...

Used filters?

I have done cactus pic in phshop as chk it out. Thats done in layers.


Julie said...

Poor cactus stand alone in the elements! Poor things! I love your list of visions for 2010. gets me thinkin!!!
Happy Cactus Monday

studio lolo said...

I need to keep my promise to myself and learn some digital paint programs.

Awesome! It looks like little hearts all lit up around the cactus.


Teri C said...

I love it! An awesome piece of creativity. Those colors are so strong and vibrant.


Margaret Ann said...

Wonderful vivid color! Happy Cactus Monday! :)

Evelyn Howard said...

HI Debra, Happy Cactus Monday! Nice digital piece!

kj said...

lightning and thunder too! can you hear the rumble sounds i'm making right now?

i have to learn photoshop.

i want to.

i hope i will

how is your snow, debra kay?


marianne said...

Amazing what you ca do digitally!
love those programs but I need to learn to handle them better