Thursday, January 7, 2010

Juggling A Lot of Balls

That's what it feels like right now, and I don't want to let any of those balls fall, and I'm grateful for my balls, I really am.  Nothing is really out of the ordinary-it's the same old same old-space/time/money/ energy do not permit me to do everything I want to do.  Maybe I want too much.

Luna Kitty has an URI which is common from shelter cats.  Being capture or surrendered, tested, injected/spayed/ put in a nice room but a strange room, then adopted and coming to live in my strange house....all within a couple of weeks.  I've got her on probiotics, antibiotics, eye drops and she's pretty stoic with it all.  Ok, she screams a bit, but doesn't bite or scratch-good girlie.

Daddy is working his way into a pacemaker-I wish they'd hurry because I think he will feel better when he gets one.  I hope he does.

Oliver the Parrot has declared a truce with Molly and no longer taunts her.  This makes my life and Molly's easier.  He does divebomb the cat-but they are mostly at peace with each other-two fierce predators who recognize the power in each.  No, I wouldn't leave them alone ever-but they can share the same bed with me on it.  What can I say-Oliver is the Cat Whisperer.

I'm trying to juggle work plans/travel plans and money plans.  Two lovely ladies I've known for a couple of years now are getting married in Boston-and I really want to go.  But, I'm going to Texas in March for a week-and I need that.  California in May-and my folks need that.  Bah, it will all work out.


studio lolo said...

I'm a little more than an hour from Boston if you need a place to stay. And I know KJ would love to host you, she's close to Boston too!

We can fight over you ;)

Darn URI's. At least Luna will be okay soon.

kj said...

well!all your comings and goings is certainly interesting, but my eye lasered to your mention of boston!

i am two hours away but it's an easy drive to meet you (with lo of course. and mim. and maybe suki).

and you are welcome here at # 9. of course you know that, right?

i can't picture oliver interacting with all the animals. i want a video. whatdoyathink of that?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I want to see a video of Luna and Oliver too. Molly can be the referee.

Mim said...

Boston!@! Boston!! Pretty please????

Debra Kay said...

OMIGOD-maybe one day Molly will have enough self control for both Luna and Oliver at once-but not yet.

Renee said...

I hope that you get to do all the things you want.

If a ball drops that is okay, or maybe you could just throw one on the couch.


Michele said...

When the To Do list gets really longer it seems overwhelming. But it somehow all works out. Hopefully I'll get to see you when you're in Texas in March. Let's do lunch darling : )

soulbrush said...

divebombing the cats, oh no, not oliver, we all need proof! (but you are too busy to mess about with cameras right now.)when so many balls are being juggled, it is usually best to deal with only the ones that land thud in front of you!