Monday, September 7, 2009

Prozac Shuffle

Time shuffle anti-depressants.    I can continue to procrastinate but it's going to result in wasted time and not much else.  Piss on it!


Mim said...

Can i get a script for that too?

studio lolo said...

please send some to Rhode Island.
Right now!



Julie said...

LOLOL...just showed it to my daughter. I think we all need it!

Lynn said...

too funny especially for this therapist. Dare I put this on my desk at work? NAAAAAAA. Guess not.

kj said...

i want some too. okay i admit i had to pronounce it outloud before i got it. how lame am i?!

haha, word verf is resto


Michele said...

How did I miss this one yesterday ... so freaking funny.