Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday 13-over used phrases and metaphors that annoy me

1. ______ is the new black.

2. A new paradigm

3. My ________ journey

4. Think out of the box

5. "And how did that work for you"-when you really mean to say "well, dumbass, what did you expect?"
6. "Cool", when you really mean "I have no idea what to say so I'm going to make a noise now."

7. Can't give ______ the time it deserves.

8. I'm addicted to _____________(something you enjoy.  Shit, just say you enjoy it-OWN your enjoyment....don't attribute it to helplessness....this really really annoys me).

9. Full blooded ___________

10.  Nothing I could do....

11.  My never use this to describe anything unless it's blatantly BIG-women on the other hand, modify everything with little ALL the fucking time.

12.  FUCK-yeah, I have to call myself out on that one.

13. Well.......I used to think this was an Okie thing, to start every sentence with WELL, but it's quite common and annoying as all get out.  I can forgive the spoken word, but when writing, WELL, that's just redundant. If you put a period at the end of your last sentence, or if it's your first sentence, I bloody WELL know that you are now speaking.  Why on EARTH do you need a filler word when you haven't even said anything yet?  As for later on, we have neat things called paragraphs and punctuation that allow a person to understand the same thing.


Mim said...

I hate "..." and I use it all the time. I'll go on a self improvement plan debs - I really will....

Debra Kay said...

My personal bugaboo is (side thought) because that's how I think. But most of the time the thought is really a discrete thought-and that deserves a sentence.

As part of spell check, etc, I go back and review and generally remove most, if not all the parenthetical comments. One or two don't bother me, but on forum posts, some people write more IN the parenthesis than they write outside of them.

I don't remove them from my writing first drafts though-they seem to function as notes to myself.

The other thing that annoys the snot out of me is over use of "quotes" for emphasis. If you need to emphasize ever other word, you should probably rethink what you want to say.

Some of that bias is strictly me though-I read "quotes" as snarky empasis, and CAPS as emphatic emphasis, but that may well not be the case.

I also think too much, don't I? But I love communication theory-it nerds me out in a good way.

studio lolo said...


hey Mim, I use these all the time too...


Lynn said...

I HATE COMPlAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Kay said...

Wow-did anyone realize today was National Punctuation Day? I must confess, I just found out myself-I was timely and didn't even know it!

Mareydenis said...

My pet peeve is, "It is what it is."

WTF does that even mean??? Of course it IS what it is. I guess that phrase is just a way of accepting defeat and pushing away accountability. Or it's just a pox on my ass.

My hair is on fire, but it is what it is. Sigh. Will someone not douse it for me?

soulbrush said...

i hate:
we must get together sometime soon
at the end of the day...
when all is said and done
it is what it is
be thankful for what you've got
i am not complaining, but...
rather say:
i am fucking complaining, so like it or fucking piss off!!
wordveri: suffhaga