Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 13-Afterlife dinner party

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I actually started out with people I wanted to ask questions of-but later, I began adding people who I thought the earlier guests might enjoy they are listed here in the order I thought of them. Not saying this my ALL TIME list (I hate those declarations anyhow, but wouldn't this be a fun dinner party?
I do hope someone would talk Mother Theresa into being a little less demure though-you can barely see her.

I'm sure Michael Jackson would love to come and visit with Marilyn and Janis-but he isn't even in the ground yet and frankly, I'm tired of him right now.   Don't worry Michael, I'll have you over next time along with Princess Di.


Mim said...

Only you debs..only you

Debra Kay said...

This post could have been endless-it was so fun imagining the guest list and making sure everyone had someone that would interest them.

Mother Theresa I had to think about-but I think she'd have lots of interesting stories to tell and she might enjoy visiting with Janis and Billie too. Sometimes quite people are drawn to flamboyant people.

And what a conversation between Kahlil Gibran and Edgar Allen Poe! Oh, I'd love to hear the stories shared between Jacques, Steve and Mr. Darwin.

And don't you think Amelia, Freida and Georgia actually physically resemble each other a bit? I never realized that till now.

I asked Curt Cobain because I wanted him to hang out with some women who weren't addicted or self destructive, but still talented. I thought it would be good for him, and he and Poe would hit it off for sure.

I sort of stuck Marilyn in for the same reason. She seemed like someone who needed to hang out with a bunch of friends more often.

Marion said...

What a fabulous dinner party! I'd have all the peaceniks at my afterlife dinner party and then throw in a warmonger. On second thought, this wouldn't be much of a party...

The photo of Curt Cobain threw me a little, until I read your explanation! Very thoughtful post!

Debra Kay said...

The year before Curt Cobain died he played a small venue in Dallas-I lived in Arlington and decided not to go. Of course, now I wish I had.

Baino said...

Crikey if you had Steve Irwin, nobody would get a word in edgeways!

studio lolo said...

I'd sit between georgia and frida and never leave my seat.
Wow! This is trippy!

soulbrush said...

i would definitely have diana, and nelson mandela and ghandi at one table, with me of course, enjoying sparkling's not michaels' fault that his family are assholes!
i will definitely follow your snake blog just as avidly as I did with poidogz. xx

Julie said...

This was great...especially your explanations! I may have to think one party out for myself as well.
Not as easy as it looks!