Wednesday, September 16, 2009


HAW-I am currently very enamored of my shiny toy in my sleep cage.  I alternate days out in the rest of the house with days I refuse to budge-I must guard my shiny thing and whisper sweet nothings to it.  I do not trust the parakeets-they'd take it if they could......I KNOW IT.

The woman fussed at me a bit cause I clicked my beak and bit her a little.  Hmph-then she spent the entire day doing everything BUT coming to see if I was in a better mood yet.  Today I gave in and just let her know I was in a better mood.  I need to take sulky lessons from Emily Rabbit.

The trouble is, I start out sulking, and then I start to talk and then I crack myself up and I can't be sulky.

The woman put on the Redneck Road Tour on the square that Toddler Tunes usually comes on.  I love things where there is a lot of laughing and cheering.  I laughed and laughed for two days.  I like cheering too-lots of noise for me me me.

I was sulking in the back room when the President spoke last week-but I heard, and hollered every time the crowd did.  I bet people would listen to him better if he spoke with a lovely Parrot on his shoulder-I'd really like to have a nibble at those ears!

HAW-HAW-stay dry and watch your shiny things.


Lynn said...

I did enjoy the world through the voice of your Parrot today. So insightful. Must be better to just focus on the joyous roar of the crowd! One can sulk given all there is to be said by the likes of our President about the state of our world.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Oliver you never fail to make me laugh. I can just see you nibbling at the Presidents ears.

Teri C said...

I just love the way you look at the world Oliver!! You are so special.


Debra Kay said...

HAW! I'm all aflutter just thinking about giving him a good nibble. No BITE, NO no no. I would not even click my beak at him, unless he looked at my shiny thing, then we might have some trouble. HAW.

Mim said...

OLLIE - his ears do look like they would be great to take a bit from! you are so observant.

studio lolo said...

I used to love having my ears nibbled ;P

I would NEVER touch your shiny thing Oliver.


Debra Kay said...

Hi Lolo-it's me, Debra Kay. It's so much easier just to announce who I am than to open a blogger account so Oliver can speak. However, it might get confusing if you didn't know....oh whatever.

Oliver is discouraged from ear nibbling. He IS a good ear nibbler, but he also will take a good chomp-it's a bird thing that says BACK OFF MY SPACE. When HIS space is my shoulder, it becomes a problem.

He looks longingly at Prissy's big ears, but I won't let him. For one, she thinks ear biting is discipline and two, I've seen him play with his toy-nibble nibble SNAP. She could lose a good chunk of ear.

I do think it might actually be affection-the parakeets do it too with each other, but I can live without it. Oliver is fascinated with ears and hands-things he doesn't have.

I bet he thinks our mouths are hideous-the way we'd look at a person with no nose.