Monday, September 14, 2009

No sun till THURSDAY?

Yikes.  I turned most of the lights on in the house this morning, including the all powerful blue light box.  I did have two nice rain days of zen, relax, going with the flow, but DAMN.  A person can only relax so much.

However, most of the rain rain is gone, and what we have now is that lovely lovely soft mist.  So, I don't even have the luxury of feeling cross about it.  The mud gets my ire, not the mist.

It covered the bushes with fairy dust.  Soft, soft light enfolded me.  That is until a rather large red dog came clownishly crashing through the scene, knocking the fairy dust off the bushes and doing a graceful slide into the mud puddle I recently avoided.

I couldn't be cross with her either.  She was so very happy that all that water was still there-in fact, it might have increased over night.

Even in the dark, there is light if you know where to look or how to make it yourself.


Michele said...

It was misting when I went out for my walks on both Sat and Sun morning. I put on my hooded sweatshirt and enjoyed every moment of it. There is something magical about walking in a light mist. Loved it.

studio lolo said...

You're maming me miss the foggy days in CA. I never thought I'd miss the fog, but you never know what you had until it's gone.

That said, I'm loving thunderstorms and autumn colors! yay!

oooh, everything in moderation I guess because the word verif is 'exessive!'

Mim said...

lovely story Debs

Debra Kay said...

I gave myself a break from Toddler Tunes-and it's too cold to let Oliver go outside. I put the Redneck Road Tour on from Comedy Central and Oliver wore himself out laughing, farting and belching. He loves anything where the crowd claps and yells-he rocked out during Obama's speech.

To challenge myself I made a chowder without tomatoes or milk or clams. I ended up with a cilantro base, squash, yellow carrots, onions, corn and squid. It was pretty tasty, but I poured it over cheese-I needed something solid in it and I ate the yam I had intended for it earlier today.

Tomorrow I'm harvesting the spinach and I'm going to challenge myself to do something with it besides feed it to Oliver.

Mariana Soffer said...

Interesting post, I liked a lot the part when you say you can only relax that much. That is so true, how come nobody thinks of that? It reminds me of a friend of my mother that was doing yoga, so my mom said hei you strech a lot, you do great, and she replied, I do not give a shit about streching and flexible, I just want to be firm and hard.

hope you liked the anecdote, take care.

Debra Kay said...

Mariana-that is so funny and ironic and well, true!