Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 13-A rare double feature of lists

Just organizing thoughts.  This is for my upcoming vacation. 

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. See my blog friends-#1-even above the GW-you should be honored...LOL.

2. See a Great White Shark

3. Peabody Essex Museum and Salem Witch Museum (Thursday 8th)

4. Art-Ick with the plane thing I'm going to have to plan a little.

5. Writing

6. Photography

7. Ride a bike

8. Stick my toes in the ocean, even for just a little while.

9.  Do something with a boat.  The GW Shark/cool ocean makes me pause at the thought of a Kayak.

10. Dig up a clam.

11. Run around in my vacation PJ's-I need to get some-drinking coffee/tea.

12. Trader Joe's.  One visit, on trip to post office.  No more.  Really.  3 personal boxes, 1 box for California kin who will want cool regional Joe's stuff.

13.  Sleep late several times.

I really must sit down and have a talk with myself about luggage limits.  I could probably do another 13 on odd items I've flown across the country.

1. Lots of dirty laundry (UPS'd it to the office)
2. My dog Dottie (several times)
3. Work laptop (as checked luggage)
4.  A frozen turkey in a cooler
5. A frozen rack of ribs in my suitcase.
6. A platter (as a carry on)
7. Cartons of shopping my boss and I did in California once-we filled a Nissan SUV.
8. My dog Cody (once).
9. Snakes (UPS and Delta).
10. Horned Lizards (UPS)
11. Rattle snake rattles (US Postal)
12. A saddle
13.  A lime tree (carry on).


studio lolo said...

We're going to have such a blast!!!
Sleep in late? What's late? We'll see about that :)

Man, you've shipped some wacky stuff!

soulbrush said...

aw gee i am gonna miss hoo. xx hope you all have a blast!

Debra Kay said...

LOL-I've got a call into the stable now-why schedule a trail ride-it's close enough that I can take several lessons while I'm there! I think I would love riding lessons if the instructor wasn't a mean cross old lady, and anything I learn will only benefit my buddy Casper.

Soulbrush-you will be with us in spirit-or over chat if you know how to use it! My laptop has a built in camera, which I never use.

kj said...

oh what fun a certain bunch of girls will be having. sleeping late? HAHAHAHA, oh, okay....


Debra Kay said...

I like the sound of it anyway....not likely to happen with all the things to do and people to see.

I'm really excited!

kj said...

deb, have you been on a whale watch? i hope they're still running in october. spectacular.