Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HAW !!!!!! Guess What?

The woman moved my sleep cage into her room again-AND she put the parakeets in there too.  So my day starts waking up with her and the noisy parakeets.  THEN she goes outside and lets the dogs out and I play play sing sing talk talk talk.  When I settle down, she comes in and puts me on my perch and I get Toddler tunes!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

One of my favorite songs is the Cookie Monster song, and when Cookie was singing Cookie Cookie Cookie I forgot the woman was in the room and said "Apple?"  I think Cookie feels about cookies the way I feel about apples.   I love love apples and Cookie loves loves loves his cookies!

When it warms up, I go out to the sun room and yell at the dogs all afternoon.  Then it's back inside.  She usually puts me on top of my sleep cage and then I go inside when I ready to go to sleep.  I'm a big bird, and I like it when I get to decide when it's time for night night.

I hope you all get to go to bed when you want to and get up when you want to!


Mim said...

you are a big grownup birdy and yes, you can decide when you want to go sleepy. (and you are also a big giant baby aren't you mr o?)

soulbrush said...

oooh i love the cookie monster oliver, and his song...i am a good girl though, no cookies for 5 weeks, so nice and thin again. now if you live with me (hint hint),you would sleep, eat, and even go to the bathroom with me... remember your new lines...'i love you joss'
haw to the fabulous and very patient woman too.
wordveri: nopical (can you say that oll?)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How nice that you can choose your sleep time Oliver. You are such a lucky bird to have a woman that loves you as she does. HAW.

studio lolo said...

You'd go to the bathroom with Joss?? What's that about!

Know what Mr. Birdy Bird? You have a very good like ;)


Debra Kay said...

Apparently Oliver has decided to take control of his wake time too-He used to be fairly mute till I woke up and left the room.

Now he's tentatively saying a few things-usually words that mean he's calling to me-like the wolf howl, or the fart. He KNOWS I'll laugh even if I'm half asleep. His goal appears to be to get me moving, the dogs outside, etc, because then he's loud and happy as a clam-all is well with the world.

I'm making a huge guess to say I bet that his previous owner yelled at him for talking at the wrong time, and that's why he doesn't speak when I'm in the room. So, the fact that he's tentatively waking me up is a good sign, as well as a challenge to me to never gripe or say "hush" because I'm not a morning person.

Oliver must overcome his reluctance to speak face to face if we are going to further our communication. I still call to him, but when in the room I try to think of the most interesting noises I can make and I make them while he studies my face.

The most captivating thing about Oliver is that he was a fully formed personality when he came to me-we are molding each other, but it's a deliberate, two way process.

The same is true for Casper-he's teaching me all about horses, or at least all about Casper.

Julie said... are one lucky birdy! You have such a great mamma!