Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KMAT-Line up here

Vile, selfish, greedy, greedy self centered money grubbing liars can kiss my ass.

People who are both dishonest and stupid-kiss my ass.

Flag waving dishonest religious types-kiss my ass.

Relatives who I don't like can kiss my ass.  Really, we are related?  Too fucking bad I still don't like you, kiss my ass.

The feeling that I can't help everyone I love-THAT can kiss my ass too.  True as that may be, I don't even have to pretend I like it.

If you are reading this-please send your best ass kissing vibes my way.  I am struggling to turn the other cheek, and unfortunately, the cheek I want to turn isn't the one in the old axiom.


studio lolo said...

man, this is a bad Tuesday for someone!

Hopefully Oliver will do or say something to make you laugh your ass off and then nobody will have to kiss it;P

Debra Kay said...

LOL-Oliver and I just finished lunch. He waved his apple around to Toddler tunes until I told him I would no longer pick it up-then he ate it, picked out his favorite seeds and is now singing a pirate song.

It's an elvis pirate song-I wasn't aware there was such a genre.

I had a bit of BBQ'd pork and I did not wave mine around, nor did I belch loudly when I finished, unlike other people. Just sayin.....

Debra Kay said...

Now I'm off to order some Toddler Tunes CD's. While I vacay my father is going to come down and watch TV with Oliver but he will insist upon the history channel or biography. Oliver will have to get his Tune fix solo.

soulbrush said...

going back to school KMA
vsiting homes of new kids in my class and seeing poorly disciplined family life KMA
having to smile and be nice to people all day long KMA

etc etc etc blablabla.

Michele said...

LOL. Wow, it's a good KMAT isn't it? : ) Hmmm, I'm feeling pretty good after a four day weekend. Not sure I have much to KMA about today. I know, I know, that's a first for me. Let's see, Texas Summer KMA and go away already. I want the Fall ... now! How about that?

Debra Kay said...

My horoscope for today-LOL!
Watch your temper! You are prone to extreme behavior today, which should be fine -- exhilarating, even -- as long as you keep yourself from boiling over. Things should settle down in a few days.

Lynn said...

Oh my, are you ever ready for that vacation. It can't come soon enough.


Michele said...

OK, now I've got one ... I knew it would come. To those people who only friend me on facebook so they can then write on my wall and rub it in my face that they have just given birth to their second child - KMA in a big bad way. Seriously? You haven't spoken to me in two years but you just happen to contact me once you've had another child. KMA again. So annoyed.

kj said...

woooooooo! i hope you are lighter with this kma out and open.

first breathe, then breathe again, and then--and this one's important--walk away.


Mim said...

I agree you should walk away, but only after a nice refreshing full moon!