Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm OK-At Dog Seminar for 2 days

I didn't want to leave a gloomy post and then be gone-I'm going to a dog body language seminar.
I'm ok and I do appreciate all the kind words.

Med change over is going smoothly-and I got to test out a theory I've long held-and I was RIGHT.  Maybe not right for the rest of the world, but right for me-and I saved myself the dreary DIP and Ramp up period.

I'll post more on that later-it's kind of interesting.


studio lolo said...

Wow, cool seminar!!!

Glad you're okay ;)

Lynn said...

hope this is fun for you. Do the dogs go too or just for people?

Debra Kay said...

There were demo dogs,, but it wasn't hands on.

It's a Brenda Aloff seminar, she's fascinating and I agree with her theories (which helps).