Monday, September 21, 2009

WOW, I don't mind Monday today....

Miracles do happen-and this one is occurring even as we speak.  Talk about blogging in real time!  I woke up eager to practice some things I learned at the seminar this weekend, and I did just that.  By the time I was finished, I was firmly established and committed to having a good day, THIS day, on, gasp, MONDAY.

For those of you who read this blog, you will understand how significant this is.  For those just passing by, on a personal level, the global equivalent of this event might be a comet if it's transient, or a feel good song gone viral (think We are the World).  Either way, it's amazing and fun.

I'm still playing and processing and examining the nuances of my great insights-so I don't want to throw them out on a page.  But I DO want to give a public nod to the people who helped make this miracle possible.

Brenda Aloff,  Full Circle Obedience School,  Twister Agility ,  New Leash on Life.

The animals who make this miracle possible you already know.

I wish everyone a great Monday!


studio lolo said...

I could tell by the comment you left me that you're having a good day.Very poetic and visual. Thanks.

I think it was serendipitous that you ended up at that seminar! Just what the doctor ordered ;)

Debra Kay said...

I wish you could have been there-I know you would have enjoyed the discussions and the animal centered people....and it was a nice group of animal centered people-not full of shit people who want to look like top dog. Egos were checked at the door, no one even had to ask. THAT alone was special.

Michele said...

I have to tell you that your comment last week about "G-d not thinking it was imperative for us to have another child now or yet" has given me a peace that it sounds like you found at your seminar ... hmm, maybe you didn't need a seminar. Maybe it was in you all along. Anyway, I keep reflecting on that comment and yesterday when I started to get upset because I found out yet another person in my community is pregnant, I stopped myself and said "that is her life and what G-d wants for her. This is my life and what G-d wants and knows is best for me. Stop comparing yourself to others." And I felt better. OK so I have to use the tactic many times throughout the day but hey, whatever works. Thanks for my "free" seminar. And I didn't even have to elave my blog.

Mim said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend - nice to get such quick results.