Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HAW-ALONE ALONE!!!!! I don't like it

The woman left for four days.  She left plenty off food and water, but I did not like it at all.  When she came home, she was tired.  She played, then let me out of my cage and walked down the hall and you know what she DID?  She layed on the big square and fell asleep.  SLEEP.

I played for a bit, then I flew down and made a little nest on the cloth next to her head and I fell asleep too.
She wraps herself up in that cloth sometimes.  I LIKE playing with the cloth and then I noticed something-she has cloth wrapped around her whole BODY.

She pulled up the covering on her legs and there was skin underneath.  THAT's how she changes her coverings every day-they are not attached and she has no feathers.

I also noticed that her hands are not up around her face like I thought they were.  They are on these long stems she called arms-and they go down to her legs.  But she can wiggle her hands when they are down there.....AAAAGH.  I never noticed that before.  She's really built FUNNY-it's a wonder she gets around at all.  Flying is out of the question for her-poor thing.  I thought she was just lazy, but she can't fly!.

She wears rigid coverings on her feet-but they are flat and don't bend at all.  Completely useless for hanging on to a perch.  No wonder she doesn't climb.

Poor woman, she is put together really oddly.

HAW!!!!  I hope you guys can fly and perch!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver you are just finding out about your woman. I bet you are amazed at the wonders of that woman. She can serve up a good meal though right? HAW.

studio lolo said...

Oliver, did your Grandpa visit you while the woman was gone? Did you make farting noises together or was it all him?


soulbrush said...

roflol, every week i laugh louder and longer- not at you oliver, never at you. it is hilarious reading about the woman, you make it all sound pretty digusting.

Debra Kay said...

NO ONE came to see me-I was all alone, except for the stupid parakeets. B-O-R-I-N-G.

No breakfast peanuts-no fruit midday-just plain old food and water. BOOOOOOO.

She's sleeping a lot today and talking kind of funny-she calls it a sore throat. I like making those sore throat noises, but I don't think she's doing it for no no. Still, I might as well enjoy it.

SB-I do think it's horrible when she takes the coverings off her feet-I can chew on the coverings, but when the feet are out I'm not allowed.