Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee

I don't go to church services, and I COULD make Sunday Coffee any day of the week, it's not THAT different, but then it wouldn't be Sunday Coffee.  Today I used some good roast sent to me by a friend, heated my milk and added whipped cream and a dollop of sugar free carmel sauce.  I used a big wide mouth mug, which indicates I won't be rushing around while I drink it.  I thank the stars for Sunday Coffee.

Oh, I also added a packet of diet swiss miss, so I guess I am technically enjoying Sunday Morning Mocha while I watch the rain.  Who cares?  It's BLISS.

The dogs have rolled in the mud and are sleeping off their morning exercise binge.  Oliver the parrot has exhausted his vocabulary and is dozing to Toddler Tunes.  Most of my critters adore rainy days-you can feel the endorphins floating through the air.  Add that to Sunday Coffee-oh my my my.

There is a lot floating around in my brain, but Sunday Coffee demands to be noticed, admired and enjoyed.  I am all too happy to comply.  Toddler Tunes just launched into a latin tune about Pie-and Oliver the parrot leaped up from his snooze to hang upside down and do a twisting dance.  I guess he demands to be noticed and admired and enjoyed as well.

I am all too happy to comply.


studio lolo said...

Honestly, this sounds like an absolutely delicious day!!

soulbrush said...

i don't drink coffee, but this sounds wonderful, sheer bliss...oooh only 5 days till your holiday and seeing the girls. i am well jellyass.xx

Michele said...

This sounds like a perfect Sunday morning. I'm so jealous. I woke up Sunday morning to instant coffee and my MIL. Not as much fun.