Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 13 things I did today

1. Went to Starbuck's 3 times.  Yes.  I did.
2. Cleaned out and filled up the P-keet feeder.
3. Worked through an internet issue with Dad.
4. Gave Mister Bird a Peanut.
5. Picked up Moon, Molly and Oliver the dog-each one separately.
6. Took Oliver the dog on one trip to Starbuck's.  He brought his pupucinio back to share with his border collie buddies-such a sweetie.
7. Bought Oliver the dog a pretty new collar.
8. Took pictures on a deserted road.
9. Bought some mud boots for moi-bring on the mud and poo.
10. Made arrangements to go groom some dogs rescued from a puppy mill. (Saturday)
11.  Bought Casper a new blue padded halter and lead rope.
12.  Found some great picture frames at the thrift store and a large turkey decoy (to be used for t-giving decorating).
13. Worked with the BC's on loose leash walking-the did really well today.


kj said...

it's a fine day of animals and a new blog-look. very nice every which way.

i want you to do a post on your vacation in ptown: what you did, what you liked, who and what made you laugh, and why....

just so you know...


Debra Kay said...

I am waiting for time to download to do a P-town blog-it needs pictures. Look for something on Sunday!

Michele said...

3 times? Are you serious? Maybe it's be cheaper if you got a job there ... I'm just sayin' : )Glad you had a lovely day.