Sunday, October 11, 2009

It must be working

This vacation thing.  I woke up composing a six word saturday thing-checked the calendar and figured out it is, in truth, Sunday.  Right now there is not a cloud in the sky.  The ocean is a deep blue and the sky is an unbroken robin egg hue.  The gulls seem to be gathered in one spot on the water-sushi for breakfast I suppose.

Ok, enough teasing.  I met KJ and Lolo last night, we hugged and began visiting like the old friends we are.  Magic, it was pure magic.  We laughed and chatted and shared without any of the guardedness (is that a word?) that comes with meeting people for the "first" time.  We sat a place for Mim at the table and left her a phone message.

If you are reading this-I probably really DO wish you were here too.


Mim said...

Of course I am reading this! Tried to call but you were all having fun
many hugs!!!

soulbrush said...

wish i were there too. knew you'd have a blast. so happy for you all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Vacation + friends = Heaven.

Debra Kay said...

Ladies, you are with us in ways you may not even imagine. If we see a piece of art or a scene on the ocean, we always mention that "Soul would love that" or "that looks like something Mim would enjoy". It's a very comforting feeling, and I hope you guys are picking up on some of it too.

Renee said...

Debra Kay, how wonderful for you all to get together.

Love Renee xoxo