Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am not no NO!  I'm not in MY CAGE, watching MY TODDLER TUNES.

I'm in a cage, in a room that is NOT my house.  The woman is not here and there are other smelly creatures-things called rabbits in this room.  I can hear other birds-those birds are FOR SALE.  I was for sale once.  Now I'm back, but I'm not for sale.  Does this mean I"m going to turn into a rabbit?

Sorry Emily-but I want to be MR. BIRD.  I want my house and my woman.  I will speak to Popeye about this-he's the store bird.  He's wise, over 30 years old.  Not nearly as pretty as I am, but we can't have everything I guess.

The food is good here-the woman left a pile of treats to make sure I was amused, but I really want to go home....HOME.

HELLO?  HELLO?  Is anybody out there?  HAW! HAW!  HELP!


studio lolo said...

Dear Oliver,

it's a small sacrifice so that we can spend a little time with your woman ;)

We'll send her home soon enough and then you can compare hotel stories! be a good bird, okay?
We all love you. Don't give Popeye any grief.

HAW big guy...and please don't be scared.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Oliver. I know you won't be there too long. Try to make the best of it. HAW.

marianne said...

Poor Oliver!
Couldn't she take you along to P town?


kj said...

aw, oliver, you might end up having a super time. think of it that way. rest assured that woman of yours will miss you terribly, but i have a feeling she is also going to have a super time....

soulbrush said...

aaaaaw poor baby, i feel for you, but i know that the woman will come back refreshed and full of the joys of spring/autumn, and give you lots more treats...not too many sleeps left now....

Debra Kay said...

This is the woman-Oliver did really well on the transfer, he was stressed, but not terribly afraid. I got his temp cage set up to his liking, in the best spot in the boardroom. (HAW). He didn't pay much attention to me after the initial reassurances were received, There was a Timneh, a smaller and clearly inferior version of African Grey, and Mr. Bird was busy figuring out how to completely dominate and terrorize the poor thing. I did warn the attendants that he might have to be rolled across the room, where he could torment the rabbits and guinea pigs.

Popeye reacted to my presence and Oliver presence by hollering "I"M POPEYE" so expect a lot of hollering to take place while I'm away.

There is also a Macaw-Oliver finds Macaws dull, but superior to parakeets.