Monday, October 5, 2009


I've decided to let the caterpillars eat the cabbage in the big plot and save the small plot for me.  It's all I need-and they are such beautiful little critters-cream colored with bright black and orange stripes.

I was harvesting herbs and peppers to dry, and out of the lavender hopped yet another hairy black spider with neon dots.  So, I ended up with only one small bunch of lavender from the other bush, and I put Ms. Spider back to HER bush.

No one wanted to live in the sage-which is my least favorite herb-I put some up for T-giving anyway.

I went to the farmer's market and bought some awesome huge gourds.  While in Louisiana I found some really great swan gourds and THEN after buying them found out it takes 6 months to a year to dry them.  So, being me, I went and bought MORE gourds to have a bounty for next years play.

I bought some dried ones too-to practice on-but the really awesome ones are picked out and saved for themselves by evil gourd hoarders.  I found a giant bird gourd that is the spitting image of a certain parrot we know and love, and another that looks like a quail, only it's about a turkey sized quail.

Hauling them into the shed was more of a chore than I realized-but I'll be glad I did it later, I'm sure.

One of the things I want to do on vacation is have FUN WITH PHOTOSHOP, so I'll just bring gourd photos with me.

Right now I have to go pay pasture rent, finalize boarding arrangements for Oliver the P and locate a large suitcase.  I rid myself of them during a clean out the clutter time because my standard vacay is four days.  And my beloved wheeled duffle is in california in my cousin's garage.

Long story, it got left behind one year so we could make room for my auntie to join us on our airport ride.  It was to return home last year, but the airlines charge for checked luggage and to prevent a Mom meltdown or a long walk to the luggage carousel, I shipped my trader joe's haul back home and left my duffle.  On rainy days like to day I really get annoyed with myself for being so accommodating.

Then I have to remember I barely made it home that trip-I wouldn't have made it to the carousel either.

Oh well, off to the shower and then to errands.


studio lolo said...

You are a complete animal lover if you give a patch to the caterpillers! Awesome ;)

Lots to do before the big triparoo, eh Deb? What are the dates you'll be in Salem? KJ tols me we're getting together for dinner sat nite, yay!!

Maybe you can teach me a little photoshop. I'm really stupid when it comes to computer stuff. Well, sort of.

Ok, I'm off on errands too!


Mariana Soffer said...

Ir is fun to read about your stuf, i also like the way you tell the wierd things that happen, there is a constant subtle irony in the text which I love.

So you know photoshop, I want a class, I could never understand how it works, Even dough I am a nerd, kind of paradox.
Love and take care

Michele said...

You are cracking me up. You planted a garden for the bugs and such. You really are very accommodating : ) Sadly so am I and I'm having some issue with it right now. When I try to accommodate myself and what I want, peeps get mad at me. It's definitely a rock and a hard place kind of situation.