Tuesday, October 6, 2009

KMAT-Slow deliveries

My lovely new boots will be here tomorrow-AFTER I leave.  I didn't realize when I ordered them last week Zappos no longer does the overnight thing.  REALLY?  Could you not tell us this?  Did I miss that MEMO?

Not going to send them back even though they can't be vacation boots.  I still like them, just wanted to wear them is all.  Ya Know?  Kiss MY ASS Slow Deliveries.  And Kiss My Ass declining service.

Yeah-YOU American Airlines.  Raising your luggage fees AGAIN when gas has gone down.  Cut back on some of that corporate bonus pork barrel crapola and leave the consumer alone.  REWARD ME for losing weight so you don't have to fly my fat ass-my luggage weighs less than I lost.  Irony irony irony.  Kiss my ass.


Michele said...

Customer service really has turned into total crap. I had a disput with the clerk at Walgreens yesterday because she said the walgreens coupon I was trying to use for %5 off RoC skin care products was not valid on the product I was trying to buy. Really? How can she tell when the coupon just says "skin care products." That's kind of vague. So Walgreens and they crappy customer service can KMA. Also my lack of ability to remember and keep things straight these days can KMA as well. I'm so tired of confusing dates and times and such. It's driving me crazy.

soulbrush said...

grrrr. i am so behind on my visits to you, and suddenly you are leaving, and i am just jelly-ass. BUT i know you goils are gonna have a great time, tell all- give me da gossip when you get back! Have a wonderful time friend.