Thursday, October 8, 2009

I arrive in Massachusetts

Easy trip-nothing of interest to report which is a good thing.  No irritating folks that I remember still today.

Tom Tom Lady got me to the first hotel.  I didn't get dinner with my friend who came down with the flu and flew out early.  I told her I loved her for not breathing on me and we'd get together after the holidays

My first experiment involved closing the black out curtains and seeing what time I would awaken with no alarm or birds or dogs.  I woke up at 10-9 my time.  I fully expected noon because I was tired from the trip.

My next experiment involved seeing what I would do next-brew some coffee (Starbucks via)-and sketched for two hours  Cartoons.  Go figure.

I dressed and while I was in the truck thinking about what to do next, Tom Tom Lady began to speak.  So, I followed her directions and ended up in the Salem town square.  I think she was trying to get me to Starbucks, but she doesn't realize I don't parallel park jeeps, so I left the jeep in the square, plotted our coordinates and took off on foot-to Starbucks.

I needed to touch base with some people I'm meeting tomorrow, and eat.  I bypassed several lobster roll places following Tom Tom Lady-but I know where they are.

When we got near the square I started salivating.  Literally.  The houses reminded me of Philadelphia, which reminded me of Roast Beef at the pub in Conshohaken.  I don't think about food 24/7 really, but when I'm hungry, I have a really good memory for it.

Instead I picked the egg salad off a sandwich at Starbucks.  Lapband protocol calls for not ordering chewy meat when one is overly hungry.  So, I'll take the edge off and then when I get slightly hungry go for something incredibly awesome.

I followed an elderly lady AGAINST the don't walk sign to arrive at the Starbuck's.  I figured no one would hit an elderly woman, and she raised her hand and seemed to know what to do.  In Dallas, you don't put a toe in the street until the sign says you can, and then you run like hell.  I remember that here in the East, folks respect pedestrians, but I won't chance it without a senior citizen or a child for blockage.

Not doing a Thirteen today.  Can't quite work up the discipline required.  I'm on vacation.

Oh-not a Thursday thing-but KMA American airlines.  If you can't pick up your own carry on-you have to check it.  What a crock of shit.  Clearly this is discrimination against people like ME with no upper body strength, and short people.  I brought extra books instead of the nikon, cause I could toss the books if I had to.  So, not only does it have to fit-I'm cool with that-but you have to have the strength to lift it.  Bastards.


studio lolo said...

yay, you're here!!!!

Tom Tom lady?? What the hell???

I hope this gorgeous weather continues for us on the Cape.


Using an elderly person or child for blockage. Priceless :)

kj said...

welcome to the state! (in every sense)

what fun to read about this day of yours!

i do have advice: enjoy the coffee at starbucks but find yourself some local restaurants. i can tell you'll appreciate the food.

see you soon,


Mim said...


boo hoo

sniffle, sniffle

soulbrush said...

hot diggety dog, yoy just love being on the road, carefree with the wind in your hair. enjoy.