Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 13-Substitutions

I was very excited to wake up yesterday.  I had a shiny red single filter that I purchased at the Atlantic Spice Co. and a shiny pound of Peet's Coffee from KJ.  A can of whipped cream and some fat free half and half sat chilling in the motel room fridge.  The gulls, the ocean and the sunrise over P-town all showed up to complete the mornings entertainment.

I enjoyed that it was, in fact, WEDNESDAY as I went through my reverent Sunday morning coffee ritual of brewing, savoring, admiring, assembling.  I briefly wished I could complete the perfection with a little shot of sugar free syrup and then noticed a box of dark chocolate wedges waiting patiently on the counter to be opened.  How often to do we pine after a familiar substitute when the real thing is sitting right beside us?

I'd like to make a list of things we default to when we are really looking for something else.  This is my personal set of inferior substitutions, but I'd be delighted if you'd add one or two of your own if the list causes you to think about it at all.

1. Anger when I really only want to clarify or state a differing opinion.
2. Defensiveness when I could open myself to a new idea-I don't have to embrace the idea, only hear it.
3. Greed rather than sharing.
4. Coveting rather than delight that someone got something they really wanted.
5. Envy rather than motivation to aspire to greater heights myself.
6.  Potato chips when I really need to burn off a little excess energy.
7.  Retail therapy when what I really want is some quiet time away from chaotic thoughts.
8.  "I'm tough, I can take it on the chin" when I really want a hug.
9.  "I don't need you" when I really mean "I can't live without you."
10.  "I'm fine" when I really should say "I'm scare shitless."
11.  Reaching for the sky when I really want to be grounded.
12.  Someday instead of now.
13. ME ME ME instead of you or us or we.


studio lolo said...

I can picture you in your motel room with your delicious coffee set-up and loving it!

Sounds like the only thing missing this morning is Kj and myself :(

Oh, and Mim of course who I see has made an appearance on KJ's blog!


kj said...

i love this post. it is hopeful and wise. which it turns out is exactly like you.

it was awe-some girlfriend. very very awe-some


Mim said...

That's our Deb

kj said...


how are you? what did you do yesterday? where did you eat? what did you see?