Saturday, October 24, 2009

Returning Soon

Oliver the parrot and my lovely ass have both given me permission to take the week off and get my shit together.

Blogging is so important to me-it provides structure, but I also need to attend to some worldy things before I return to cyberspace.

KJ-one of the things I got from P-town was in touring the artist's digs, they had their space set up to create art-it might be messy, but it was a designated space,  I have to clear a space to do anything now, and there is so much I want to do.

One of the other things I got is my beautiful pictures-I keep my camera out and look at them when I need a break.

I got so much more-but I'm leaving you this little teaser so you will miss me while I'm gone.

"Look for my return on the dawn of the 7th day"  oh wait, that was Gandalf.

HOW ABOUT-Look for my return on the 29th of October..........

All my blog friends are important to me, and I will miss you!


kj said...


take the time, whatever you need. that is very good.


Marion said...

I hope you're well, Debra...take care of yourself. I'll look forward to your return!

soulbrush said...

it is so lucky to be able to fuck off out of it all for a while. i am jellyass.

studio lolo said...

You're preachin' to the choir sista!! And I will miss you. I already do ;)

Mim said...

OK - parole granted but when you return I wants to see PICTURES

Michele said...

Come back soon : )