Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Procrastination is weird and hard to define. I play on the computer,  I work on the computer and I always drink coffee when I do it.  So how can I tell when I'm procrastinating or working?  Do I care?  Not sure. Therefore, for creating many annoying side conversations in my head, Procrastination can kiss my ass.


studio lolo said...

I'd procrastinate too but I keep putting it off :P

Don't forget to ask KJ for your new ass!

kj said...

Ah, the new ass. I'd forgotten. :)

ithink you should consider every good and fun thing work and then your problem will be solved


Debra Kay said...

Ironically, not an hour after posting this as I was setting about for my planned day, I got a call that the farrier was on his way. That was a planned interruption-meaning I told him I'd meet him any time he was available-so off I went to trim Casper's tootsies-he got a chip in his hoof while I was away and it needed to be attended to so he could go back out and eat and play with the geldings.

No way can I go to the stable without enjoying myself-it isn't an option. I piddle with Casper till he was sick of me-met a new friend (Melissa) who is a day-person, offered to walk her horse out to the gelding pasture, so I got to spend some quality time with Bert, AND make Casper jealous. He was most attentive on the way to the geldings, even though he really just wanted to be turned loose.

Casper is a complex creature to say the least Got some good shots of him and a lady bug on the grass and managed to get Casper to NOT eat the poor lady bug.

You'd all be proud of me-I hugged the new barn kittens but did not bring home one. One is a dark calico and one is a calico tiger. Mamma cat had her previous litter in Casper's stall. She and Casper are friends.

Michele said...

I am in such a grumpy mood today so grumpy moods can KMA. Stress - KMA. More to do than one person can handle - KMA. And while I love the rain, it can KMA too because I think it's adding to my bad mood.