Friday, October 16, 2009

Not naming names

I've had a great day, pictures to follow-BUT-when I got back the tide was running out and I hurried in to recharge my batteries for a few pictures, put up some perishables, potty and rush out to take a few more pictures.

That part was fine and fun-but when I got back soaked jeans and wet feet, someone had pushed the murphy bar down on the patio door.  It had to be someone who was inside, and that was not me.  The only person on the inside was a small figurine of a white rabbit.

I kicked off my shoes and went to the neighbors who let me walk through their unit.  My front door was locked, so I barefooted it around the parking lot and into a side office.  They called maintenance who came to let me in-but the maintenance guy was walking, so I had to barefoot it BACK across the parking lot.

I'm gonna love me some hot bath water here in a minute.  Since I have no proof of who pushed the bar closed, I'm going to pull out the jelly beans I bought on impulse at the little package store.  But HONESTLY.......isn't that something that a certain friend of ours might do?


Mim said...

That little devil bunny

kj said...

It's so obvious Emily was involved in the saga of the blocked locked door(s).

Hey! Have a ggod trip tomorrow. .
I know you'll be back,


soulbrush said...

what on earth are you girls up to there? seems to me there a lot of shenanigans going on.xx

Debra Kay said...

The maintenance man who let me in said "you're not from around here are you?"

He finally got around to asking "Did you go barefoot to the beach?" and I explained that I took my shoes off back at the hotel to avoid tracking up the carpet.

He really was a nice guy and refused a tip for letting me in. For some reason, that really touched me-like he didn't want to kick a person when they were down. Although, I was laughing the entire time. So maybe he was just scared of me!

The jelly bean package was empty this morning.