Tuesday, October 13, 2009

KMAT-Thingamajigs and Heavy Coat Pushers

I have a few new asses to share, and I would IF I'd brought along the right connector thingamajigs.  FINE. Computer geekery stuff, KMA-I'll upload it when I get back.  Don't need ya baby.  Well, actually I do if I want to get image from point A to point B, but I don't need it NOW.  I can do it later.  No one will perish if they don't see a new ass image till next week.  Ya know?

Right now I'm in total love with the husky little boy peering into my window.  I was watching HIM before he started watching me.  He wanted to go out to the pool and he did not want to wear a heavy sweatshirt.  "MAH_AH_AM, " he wailed, "I don't CARE if I get cold, I want to play."  I don't like to wear coats either, so on his behalf, KMA heavy coat pushers.  Please do not oppress those of us who like to be able to move our arms.  Really.  If YOU think it' s cold, shut up and go put on a coat.

Technically, I AM as cold as you are.  We are, after all, in the same environment.  However, my tolerance may vary from yours.  Hell, I'm midlife hormonal woman, my tolerance varies from second to second.  Once you ascertained that I do have coat, as in a gentle inquiry, to whit, "Would you like to borrow a jacket?" then KMA and quit trying to dress me.  Thank you.

For my part, I shall not take offense at the first few inquiries-"Aren't you cold?"  By the third one, my patience may wear thin and perhaps, just maybe, I will tell you to kiss my ass.

I am vehemently opposed to all forms of clothing oppression, be it in the form of heavy coat pushers or high heels for women wearers.  You may all kiss my ass.  Don't like blanket statements?  Kiss my ass.


Renee said...

Debra K I think that kj must have snuck on to your computer.

Yes, I am a tattletale.

Renee xoxo

soulbrush said...

what in heavens name are you ranting on about this week, you are supposed to be on holiday and relaxing.

Michele said...

In all fairness, ranting never stops ... not even when one is on vacation : ) My rant for the week, stores that sell both from a brick and mortar location and online but have different coupons for the different spaces. Just have one freaking coupon code for both already and Babies r Us, KMA for making me drive to the store instead of using my coupon online.