Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HAW-I have returned!!! REJOICE

I cannot lie, oh I could, you know ME, ME, ME-but I won't.  My captivity/visit was interesting.  There was an inferior African Grey and the Great Grey Popeye.  And a white rabbit.

When the woman picked me up she let me out to flap my wings and fly around a bit and she took me over so I could finally go nose to nose with the GREAT WHITE RABBIT.  The woman is always blathering on about Great Whites.  The beast raised up on his haunches (KJ knows what haunches are) and we touched nose to beak.  Contact.  Oh, I loved it.  Yes yes yes.

I suggested that we bring the Great White home with us but the woman said No.  I don't like No.  She worked with me for a long time but I could not/would not go into the grey box, so they finally put a towel around me and I clucked like a chicken-but I didn't bite anyone.  I'm learning self control.

Then we went out and visited, and the Great Grey Popeye was brought over.  He visited with me and showed me some of what he can do.  He's 35 years old-a real elder.  He is from Ghana-I'm from the Congo, so I'm a bit bigger.  Everyone marveled at MY size and musculature.  Not many Greys get to fly.

I was not allowed to fly till I came here to live with the woman.  I didn't like it at first, but now I really enjoy it.  I'm the best flyer in this house, that's for sure.  The parakeets fly in their cage but they are not allowed to fly free.  Only MR. BIRD flies free!

The woman has  promised to build or buy a proper transport device so that I can return to visit with my new bird friends.  We are working on the harness (it's like Greta's only it's for me me ME) but she said it wouldn't do for the car.  Hmph.  What does she know?

I've been dancing a lot since I arrived home.  I was very happy to have my tunes, but the visit kindled in me the realization of my own BIRDINESS.

I want to be able to walk on the counter like the Great Grey Popeye.

I think visiting is great fun-but I don't think I'd like for them to come to MY HOME.  MINE MINE MINE.  BUT-I did like discovering/remembering that there were other creatures with similiar intellect to myself.  As long as they don't try to touch my shiny things.....MINE!

I'm speaking in new voices too-humans have a variety of voices and I like saying MY words with someone else's voice besides the woman's.  But I did enjoy her singing the ni-ni song.  Home is where they tuck you in and sing ni-ni I love you.

So Happy Animal Wednesday!  I hope someone tucks you in tonight.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an enriching experience for you Oliver. Everyone likes a vacation now and then. Glad to see you are home with happy memories of your vacation except for the transporting to and from.

Mim said...

Oh Ollie - so glad you had a good time! You keep flying buddy and HAW to you

kj said...

my my oliver, it seems that vacation did you a world of good. enthusiasm and downright joy is just pouring out of you!

welcome back bird-friend.

Teri C said...

Wow Oliver, you have expanded your horizons!!! I knkow it is good to be home tho.


Debra Kay said...

I am going to go back back to the store and see Popeye just as soon as the woman builds/buys a proper transport. YES. And Popeye will see ME ME ME. I'm BIG-MR. BIG BIG BIRDY BIRD.

But, I want to come home in time for Leno. I watch Leno and laugh and laugh and then I get the ni-ni song and then I go to sleep. That's how it should be always!

studio lolo said...

Oh Mr. Birdy Bird Bird, it sounds like your vacation was as fun as the womans'!! She used to fly once in a while too, especially after we went out for Cosmos!! I hope you let her "fly" out to see me again too because I really really loved spending time with her.
HAW a day late my winged friend!!